Dr. KV Satish

Garden City, silicon valley, pensioners’ paradise, the IT CAPITAL OF INDIA are a few of the many nicknames given to Bengaluru, the capital city of Karnataka state in South India. It has a population of more than 8 million and a metropolitan population of around 11 million, making it the third-most populous city in India. Known for its uncompromising nightlife and breathtaking infrastructure, Bengaluru is sure to leave you stunned and wowed! 

A real estate and developers company is altering the Skylines of this iconic city and none can stop it! DS-MAX Properties Pvt Ltd has been in the business for over 14 years and their feats are undeniably the best. For a company with experience of just over a decade, the definition this brand has brought to the urban population of this metropolitan is beyond comprehension. All credits go to the Founding Chairman – Dr. KV Satish, the man behind this iconic brand and the driving force of this organization. 

Having ambition and setting goals is a massive part of who you are, so don’t take it lightly. Whether you’ve your heart set on running a marathon, starting a business or dropping a dress size, everything is achievable. It just takes the right mindset.

There are countless times when life doesn’t go your way. It is useless to fight it, so you just need to accept and embrace whatever life has in store.When you are consumed by what life ‘should’ be like, you are drowning in your own expectations and shortcomings. This is a sure-fire way to lead a life of frustration and disappointment. The only way around this is to enjoy every up and every down. Life is a symphony with a variety of notes and melodies; stopping and replaying one note that you like or don’t like spoils the whole thing.

Born into a middle-class family, Dr. Satish grew up with the spirit of a fighter and trendsetter. Every step of the way, he stood out among his peers and competitors, and he continues to do so even now. From one project in 2008 to completing over a hundred projects, with over sixty projects in the pipeline, Dr. Satish’s DSMAX company has done what none imagined.

Headquartered in Bengaluru, the brand now has its operations across the country. It takes pride in the fact of homing over twenty thousand families – a \n achievement that cannot be conferred with awards or accolades. While their projects have always been the talk of the town, what’s making fresh news is their skyrises that are redefining the skylines of Bengaluru. With their premium high-rise projects, DSMAX claims to let you wake up on top of the world every day and gift yourself a refreshing start every morning.

The company is known for its projects not just in the nation but worldwide too. The wards conferred give us a glimpse of the calibre of this brand and the homes their building. Here’s a few to mention – Real Estate Developer Of The Year (Bangalore), Doctor Of Honours (Business Management), Emerging Developer Of The Year, Global Achievers Award For Young Entrepreneur Individual, ‘Infra Realty Achiever Awards’ Under The Category ‘Young Icon Of The Year’, Fastest Growing Indian Construction Company Excellence Award, International Gold Star Award, Indo-Nepal Sadbhavana Award”, Rashtriya Ratan Award, Citizen Extraordinaire Award.