Giorgi Danelia

The closer we look around ourselves, the more we understand and notice how different industries and sectors have been changing for the better and thriving like never before. This very change and growth have been the result of not just technological advances but also the incessant hard work and persistence of passionate and driven professionals, who leave no stone unturned in taking their chosen industries to the next level of success. The digital world, moreover the social media space is one such that has so far welcomed innumerable such talented beings; however, it is not as easy as it may seem. Some people may even take years to make their unique niche as a social media influencer, whereas some other astute and creative souls like Giorgi Danelia prove their mettle, thriving off of their innovative and engaging content.

This passionate man, who is a versatile talent, is a popular vlogger on Youtube with content on tech, social experiments, funny challenges, collaborative content, reviews, and so much more. Today, he has come forward to lay out a few tips on becoming a successful social media influencer, just like he is.

• Find the niche: Giorgi Danelia suggests aspiring influencers to first find their niche and grow a community that will trust and love their content. To discover one’s niche, he wants people to ask themselves a few questions like what they are passionate about, what are they most knowledgeable about and what content would they love to make and happily create.
• Consistency is key: The talented influencer says that people wanting to explore any niche in the social media world must keep in mind that consistency is key. They must keep posting things on a regular basis to keep engaging with their audiences, offering their best content and creating more buzz around their content.
• Building a community: Giorgi Danelia, who has earned massive subscribers over 165K and over 45 million views on YouTube, with his other YouTube channel with 120K subscriber base and 127 million views, says that with his channels and his presence on Instagram, he created a community of sorts. Influencers must focus on the quality of the community they are cultivating. For this, they must have more conversations, create more engaging content and encourage them to hold conversations with each other as well.

Versatile talents like Giorgi Danelia, who apart from being a social media influencer is also an experienced licensed drone pilot, the founder of Copter LTD, a full video production company and Copter Tech LTD, the Official dealer of DJI in Georgia, go ahead in inspiring many other young talents across the world in ways more than one.