I’ve always liked the saying, “If it were easy, everybody would be doing it.” Sadly, the natural response to that is often, “Well, it must be nice to have. Most people almost always have brilliant ideas, and then those ideas die of loneliness. There is a common widespread misconception that success is just hard work. Success is a combination of hard work and the given opportunity. These opportunities are the reason why some startups succeed and some never go beyond the first stage.

Each year, more women are getting inspired to start their own businesses and work towards their personal success. It all stems from their ambition to grow, succeed, and work hard to reach their goals as well as their ability to show courage in the face of adversity.

Becoming a womenpreneur is not an easy feat, but the rewards that come afterwards definitely make it worth your while.  You must be different from the rest of the world, if you want to become  successful. It means you will need to see the world with different eyes from everyone else. You will need to find opportunities where everyone else sees problems. Your company will be unique based on the degree of how unique you are.

Meet Bella, Owner & Creator of Bodied By Bella Boutique. Bodied By Bella, an organic boutique is Bella’s little baby that taught her the art of entrepreneurship. Every entrepreneur goes through their share of struggles before seeing the light of success. Similarly, Bella was successful in creating her own magic for the world but was very hesitant to launch her products for the women out there. However, she decided to take things in hand and make the first step in her master plan of this amazing mesmerizing boutique.

A successful person doesn’t just wake up to discover great achievement. Good ideas usually evolve over time and are almost always accompanied by failure and disappointment along the way she said.

She declares, “Being a business owner is like becoming a mother for the first time, you may not know much about your baby (business) but it will teach you along the way”. Bella makes her venture a true beginning to new avenues in the personal and professional lives of so many women wanting to make something out of themselves. What better it is, than having a true entrepreneurial spirit and encouraging women to kick-start something for themselves too. These satisfied women customers of Bodied By Bella Boutique are truly the spirit & life of her entrepreneurial journey.