While there are many new professionals entering the job market and searching for seasoned mentors, there aren’t quite as many people open to mentoring others. If you have spent your life pursuing a career, you have something of value to offer someone just entering your career field or industry. Here are a few reasons to consider taking on the role of mentor.

Build Better Leaders

There are two ways leadership is enhanced through a mentorship experience. First, you’ll be teaching a younger generation the skills they need to lead in the future. They will learn by observing you and through the insight you share with them. Through this process, you’ll also be developing your own leadership skills. As you spend more time mentoring, you’ll adopt your own leadership style, and you’ll amass experience that will look good on your own resume.

Learn as You Teach

Along the way, the professionals you mentor will give you insight into the new technologies, procedures, and processes that have been developed. It has been a few years since you were in school or training for your career, so you may not know all of the advances that have been made. This is the opportunity for you to learn and grow.

Network With New Professionals

The people you mentor will spend a lifetime in their chosen career field, which will make them worthwhile contacts to maintain. As you mentor an individual, you’ll get to know them and have the opportunity to forge a long-lasting relationship. This will open you up to new opportunities in the future as well as benefiting those you mentor in a similar way. You will also get to meet professionals in other fields through those you mentor, which means you’ll know people who may be useful in helping you solve problems in the future.

Give Back to Your Community

You’ll also experience the rush of positive feelings that goes along with doing something good for others. While you may not have large amounts of disposable cash to donate to a worthy cause, your willingness to mentor is just as valuable. To an up and coming professional, your mentoring services will be highly valued and appreciated.

Even if your employer doesn’t offer a mentoring program, you can look for an opportunity to mentor someone on your own. Try advertising your interest on job boards, social media sites, or at local universities. Taking on the role of mentor in a part-time capacity can help you enjoy these benefits and more.

Originally published on Omid Chaman’s website.