We have all heard of the term “mindfulness,” but what is it and how can it benefit us in the workplace? Mindfulness is the act of remaining present and in the moment. When practiced routinely, it can affect the workplace drastically.

Stress Reduction

Stress is actually a dominant cause of employee disengagement that can also hinder productivity. It’s no wonder employers are looking for ways to decrease that stress. Mindfulness is one of the absolute best ways to reduce stress. It has become so important that many companies, including Google and Goldman Sachs, have instituted mindfulness programs in the workplace. People feel stress from all types of things, in and out of work. Practicing mindfulness is an excellent way to combat that stress.

It Facilitates Creativity

A core aspect of creativity is divergent thinking, which refers to the ability to come up with an abundance of new ideas. When your employees are able to openly practice mindfulness throughout the day, their creativity skyrockets. Because your brain is not tied up thinking about things in the past or worries about the future, you can focus your creative energy where it needs to be focused.

It Provides an Increased Ability to Deal with Illness

Mindfulness is powerful, but did you know it was so powerful that it can actually help you deal with illness? Mindfulness may not take away the symptoms, but it can help make them more manageable. When your mind is healthy, you are better able to deal with illness. When you practice mindfulness, you end up being more grateful than before, because you are able to see clearly. A study on the use of mindfulness with lung cancer patients and their partners showed that mindfulness can instigate a process of positive change in patients and their partners, as well as relieving caregiver burden in partners. This is just one of the reasons mindfulness helps keep you healthy.

Mindfulness is a beneficial practice both in your personal and professional lives. It allows you to remain calm, it facilitates creativity, and it can even keep you healthy! If you have not already instituted it into your workday, what are you waiting for?