The great thing about having a positive work environment is that it benefits the employer as much as the employees. A positive work environment is proven to increase productivity, increase employee retention, encourage creativity, and so much more. Recent research studies have shown time and time again that companies with happy employees are a whopping 3 times more likely to grow than companies that are unable to create a positive work environment.

The Top 10 Reasons Why Having a Positive Work Environment is Beneficial

1. Happiness is Contagious – It is a well-known fact that workplace happiness is contagious. A small group of happy employees can seed happiness around the entire workplace.

2. Positive Employees Are More Successful – Nothing drives success more than positive vibes and happiness. A Harvard study recently stated that positive employees are 6 times more likely to succeed than unhappy employees.

3. Positivity and a Good Attitude Go Hand in Hand – Employees that are generally positive typically begin and end the workday with a consistently good attitude.

4. Positivity Reduces Workplace Stress – Studies have shown that more positivity within the workplace typically results in far less stress. Stress is a major inhibitor to workplace productivity.

5. Positivity Encourages More Risk-taking in Business – Studies have shown a direct correlation between overall positivity within a business workplace environment and increased work-related risk-taking. Risk-taking in a professional setting encourages innovation and business growth.

6. Positive Employees Are More Supportive – It is well known that positive employees are generally more supportive and empathetic towards their fellow coworkers.

7. Positivity Conquers Setbacks – Positive employees will typically handle workplace mistakes and failures much better than employees that are inherently negative or pessimistic.

8. Positivity Cultivates Leadership – One thing that most leaders within the workplace share in common is that they are overwhelmingly positive in nature.

9. Positivity Inspires Creativity – It is very difficult for stressed or negative employees to be creative. Creativity absolutely flourishes within a happy and positive work environment.

10. Happy Workplaces Attract Better Employees – Studies have shown that a happy and positive workplace attracts the best and brightest employees. Studies have shown that 8 out of 10 employees would take a pay cut in order to work in a happier and more positive workplace.