With the outspread of the Coronavirus pandemic, it is a stressful situation for everyone. Since the current scenario is making people confined within their homes, there is a core disturbance in the way people live their lives. The unutterable future is making individuals anxious, thus shaking their foundations. Quarantine has been laid down by every government to prevent the virus from evolving. They are, therefore, making people more stressed about the situation. All the regular occurrences in human lives have come to a standstill. Visiting health centers, shopping, attending religious ceremonies, and taking children for sports activities halted due to the global pandemic.

Connect with friends and family – Benjamin Gordon of Cambridge Capital

The virus has halted livelihood. Everyone is bound to follow social distancing norms. Yet, it is appropriate to break through the isolation and connect with friends and family through digital applications. According to Benjamin Gordon of Cambridge Capital, if you are not a tech-savvy person, it is time to learn the use of technology in the new normal. Schedule video calls, organize meetings, and celebrate occasions virtually this time. You will feel amazing to see the faces of the one you love when you cannot afford to meet them. Just as social distancing is the need of the hour, so is face to face communication. Surf the internet and look out for the best options available to make video calls free of cost.

Lack of socializing has made people feel isolated and weary

During these uncertain times, it is essential to take care of your mental health. People often surrender to their anxiety, and their stress results in getting glued to the television screen for the latest news. However, fighting mental fatigue is the most vital thing to pry against this deadly disease and its hardships. Your mental well-being will help you to support your family and loved ones during these trying times.

Based on research and study, psychologists discovered that the impact of the COVID 19 pandemic affects people’s mental state.

Here are a few suggestions from rehabilitation psychologists for taking care of your emotional health in this critical situation

Take a breather, and do not check the news often

Although it is good to be aware of the Coronavirus disease and take the necessary precautions, it is vital to take a breather. Checking news channels and worrying about the increasing death tolls can be stressful and anxiety-producing. Engage yourself in various activities. Do things that you always wanted to do but lacked time for it. Take time to appreciate the goodness around you. Instigate your creativity, entertain yourself with family, and help in household chores, and so on.

Workout and take care of your physical health

While you make all efforts to keep yourself mentally fit, also attend to your physical well being. Workout as a family, cook healthy meals, and sleep to your heart’s content. The pandemic is the best time to get you to lead a disciplined life.

Attend to your anxiety and stress

It is natural to feel under pressure and stress during these unprecedented times. There is no need to push your fears aside; your feeling anxious is valid and acknowledgeable. Remember that it is usual to feel so during such trying times. However, do not harp on the feeling. Remind yourself that this shall pass soon, and you will again live a life with complete safety.