Here are five tips on how to develop your emotional Intelligence and learn tools to create a more successful, happy and fulfilling life

Think Of Your Human Body As A Car And Yourself As The Driver

Most people go through life on autopilot, distracted, driven by unconscious limiting believes and identified with destructive emotions. If you understand that your ever-changing thoughts and emotions are not who you really are, this will unlock your power to manage disempowering thoughts and negative emotions and create more positive outcomes

Set The Intention To Take Charge Of Your Life

Once you understand that you are the driver in charge, you can take full responsibility for yourself and intentionally create the life you really want.

Make Time To Take Care Of Your Body, Heart and Mind

If someone gave you a car and told you it is the only one you will receive in your entire life, would you take care of it well or not? In the same way it is wise to build regular time into your schedule to take care of your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Invest In Yourself By Doing A Personal Development Program

A smart person would not just maintain their car, but also make the best out of it, for example, by boosting the engine, installing better tires and shocks, or upgrading the stereo and navigation system. Just as you can improve your car you can enhance the capacity of your human body by developing your inner skills. This will enable you to be more successful and create a more joyful and fulfilling life.

Create A Positive Mindset

There are many things in our life that we only have limited control over. But one thing we have control over is how we relate to our life experience. For example, when we experience a set-back we have a choice to see it in a positive and optimistic light as a learning opportunity. Or we can see it in pessimistic way as a proof that we will never succeed. Which do you think is more effective? 

I hope these tips will inspire you to invest in your person development in 2020. Emotional Intelligence is based on skills that we all already have within us. And the best news is that we can develop and enhance them. It takes regular practice but it does not need to require a lot of time. In my trainings I recommend four minutes five times a day.

Bernie Schreck, MA, is the founder of Mindfulness-based Emotional Intelligence Development (MBEID). He is a Goleman EI Associate and Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach. He is also a certified teacher for Search Inside Yourself (SIY), one of the leading Emotional Intelligence training programs. And he is an experienced teacher of Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR), the world’s most respected stress management program.

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