The entrepreneurial eco-system around the world is booming. More and more people are delving into the entrepreneurial spectrum, dissing the “9 to 5” working capsule and early retirements because today’s global economy is constantly rewarding promising services and innovative products built by brilliant-minded people. In fact, it is being told that Generation Z will create the most entrepreneurs in the history of human existence.

However, entrepreneurship is certainly not for everyone. The prospect of it may appear to be incredibly glamorous and it actually sounds very cool if you are Google-able and can introduce yourself in those credentials. However, all sort of glamour attributed to this career path tarnishes away when the ultimate challenges knock your doorstep. In reality, entrepreneurship is synonymous to unrelenting challenges, nerve wreaking pressure, and stress. There is not one recipe for success and what may work for someone may not work for everyone else.

Entrepreneurship does sound like risky business but that is everything else in life. Risks are entailing every path that a person takes, so it actually seems better to give your fullest in building something out of your own hands, sowing the seeds of your talent, skill, and expertise. Becoming an entrepreneur would compel you to seek constant inspiration from your surroundings. It could be a TED Talk, book, podcast, advice by some friend or any blog post that you may stumble upon. We have compiled a list of books which would definitely add value in your journey.

Self-Talk, Think Like a Child – Dean Akers, an entrepreneur, author, management consultant, and public speaker who is very popular among world famous CEOs and who has effectively contributed in building up different business ventures from ground zero has given phenomenal advice to entrepreneurs in his book. Dean firmly believes that in business you are required to have skills in order to work ON the business and not IN the business. His replete experience has compelled him to believe that “ALL BUSINESSES ARE THE SAME”. He also believes that in business one is supposed to think like a child and eliminate self-talk. He has comprehensively talked on his strategies which make this book a great read.

The $100 Startup – Chris Guillebeau stormed the headlines as soon as he released this book and now it’s very popular among entrepreneurs. The $100 Startup talks about how to one can lead a life that is filled with adventure, depth, and a real purpose, all the while having a healthy income stream. This book allows one to understand the secrets of attaining a balance in life.

Zero to One – Peter Thiel’s New York Times bestseller book is an amazing read for entrepreneurs who are looking to change the world with an ambition of building innovative products and services. His advice has totally changed the dynamics of innovation and the strategies are timeless, meaning that they can be applied at any point in life.