Sometimes that hardest part about your job isn’t what you do, it’s about getting yourself motivated to just do it. After a while, it’s easy to become complacent in your day to day routine, allow burn out to set in, and forget about how motivated you were when you first started out in your business. When you first launched your business career you were inspired to do whatever it took to get yourself to the top of your industry, but now the motivation is waning. Sitting down with a good book is a great way to re-energize yourself and rekindle the fire that you had at the start. Here are some books you can read that can help you do just that.

Ultralearning by Scott Young

If you’re reading this article, there’s a decent chance that you’re already a self-motivated learner who is looking for a way to take the next step in business. In this selection, Young teaches us why it is important to push back our typical learning patterns, and how to do it. The principles in this book will help you continue to evolve in your current position and adapt when inevitable changes come your way at work.

On the Clock by Emily Guendelsberger

Do you remember the worst job you ever had? That soul-sucking, mind-numbing, thankless job that made you dread every day of your existence? Emily Guendelsberger does, and she uses those memories to motivate her to be at the top of her game now. Don’t think that this book is all about whining about bad jobs; it’s actually about harnessing the bad memories from those terrible jobs and using them as fuel to ensure that you never have to go back to that sort of work. It’s easy to take for granted the position that you’re currently in, but this book is an awesome means of focusing on what you learned in the past to stay on top of things in the present and forever change your future.

The Coffee Bean by Jon Gordon and Damon West

Success in any field, especially in business, isn’t found in how you handle triumphs, but in how you handle the moments where boiling water spills into your lap. Gordon and West use this painful metaphor to show you how you can take the things that seem like a loss and allow them to transform you into something greater than you thought you could be.

It’s a great idea to take a couple of hours a week and do some reading to keep yourself motivated. These books are a good place to start.

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