Nobody knows for sure what the future holds. However, with the increasing innovations and complexities in almost every department and sector, it can be predicted that many job positions and titles with gain increasing popularity and will come more in demand. Here is a list of 9 professions that will highly be in demand in 2019 and the coming years:

Financial manager
Making sure that the company is earning high revenues, reducing any kind of expenses and costs, producing financial reports are the main responsibilities of any financial manager. This job title is increasingly gaining popularity as the economy is becoming more complex and wider; the interest in managing money-related tasks are becoming more riskier. Financial managers are also called controller, treasurer, finance officer, risk manager, and cash manager.

Accountants are responsible for preparing and evaluating financial statements for any kind of inaccuracy, and they also make sure that the taxes of the company are being paid on time. They work for governments, small and large corporations, or even individual clients. Their duties also might include designing presentations or producing reports. They might also work as public accountants, who are responsible for producing reports that are required by the law, or management accountants, who are involved with the internal budget.

A podiatrist is a job position that is related to the health care industry. People who have been diagnosed with calluses, arthritis, arch problems, diabetes, and other such diseases that affect their feet and ankles seek help from a podiatrist. The name is not known as many people, but they are very important in the health industry. In many occasions, they might have to perform surgeries, prescribe shoe inserts, or even give medications and advises on how to cure this disease.

Clinical laboratory technician
Also, a part of the health care industry, a clinical laboratory technician is very imperative. After doctors and nurses, they are the ones who look after the patients by performing certain tests that might be needed for the patient. They analyze the body fluids, tissue samples, sugar levels, and many other tests to locate any kind of abnormality if present. These health care support workers can specialize by studying the blood, cells, or microbes.

Physical therapist
The physical therapist, just like a podiatrist, is part of the health care industry. Their achievements, however, can be quite grand, unlike a podiatrist. They can treat an injured Olympic athlete who can end up winning a state game and win gold, or they can help an individual regain their ability to walk again. Their core responsibility is to decrease peoples physical pain, improve their flexibility, and help them regain their strength. When patients come to them in rehabilitation centers, they analyze their patient’s needs, and then they teach patients to perform stretches and exercises that can improve their strength and make them normal like before.

If there is one person who works more closely with the patients than the doctor, is a nurse. They have to take care of the needs of the patients and their concerns. To check their test and to monitor any vital signs, maintain records, and correspond with the doctors. Furthermore, they are also responsible for teaching the patients and their family at home on how to continue proper medical care at home. Nurses specialize in areas, such as birth, delivering, cancer, and many more.

One of the highest paying jobs that will gain more popularity in the future is a surgeon. However, with high pay, they also have to deal with high stress. This job requires the individual to work day and night in the surgical ward to treat difficult and deathly diseases. This position requires the person to acquire steady hands, sharp reflexes, and strong analytic and problem-solving skills. Surgeons can be related to many areas such as neurology, cardiovascular health, plastic surgery, and many more.

Computer systems analyst
As technology is becoming more and more complex and deeply involved in our daily lives, it has also increased the popularity of jobs like computer system analyst. You need to have a degree in computer science to continue with this profession. The increasing complexity will ultimately increase the need of analyst for companies to find easy ways out in any problem and knows how to handle this technological wave. These computer system analysts can also write for many assignment writing help services in the future.

Electronics engineering specialist
As the electronic circuitry and other elements are getting smaller each day, more complex and more influential, it has become imperative for every company to hire professionals who know their way in such matters. These professionals are also known as electronics engineering specialist who needs to have a master in electronic engineering. Their main job is to assist design, test, and evaluate leading technological advancements. They need to assist in developing better computers and its hardware, automated machinery, navigating and communication equipment, and many more.

To conclude, the above-mentioned names are some of the professions that will be in high demand in the year 2019 because of their expertise and education. They will also have very high pay, and the chances of unemployment in this field will be less.