Best Examples of Machine Learning in Real Life

Machine learning in this technological world is not new. Due to an age full of techno, machine learning is continuously expanding its reach in almost all the sectors. Machine learning can be considered as the foremost source where businesses are able to transform their manufacturing process.

Having a robust process can easily understand the programming language and can easily perform any task as it holds great knowledge of data and human behaviour.  Machine Learning contribute so much towards the development of the business and technological world; it is widely used worldwide. ML algorithms are trained over examples, again and again, It also analyses the historical data. Therefore it is able to identify patterns and make predictions. 

A report by Statista demonstrates that the global automation market revenue is expected to grow by more than $50 billion by 2020, as compared to 2016.

1. Healthcare and Medical Diagnosis 

Machine learning provides the user with a wide variety of features in most of the sectors, be it education or healthcare. In today’s hustle-bustle lives, a human has to face a lot of diseases and to cure these diseases; they need intelligent solutions that can predict the diseases that support medical treatment and analysing clinical parameters. The machine learning service provider is dealing with these issues with its high-end solutions. 

  • Analyse the condition of the patient
  • Give accurate information related to the diseases
  • Analyse all the clinical parameters

2. Image Recognition

Image Recognition nowadays is the most common use of machine learning as they are efficiently classifying the object virtually through any digital image. With the help of advanced machine learning tools, the device can detect the face and image as well. Machine learning can even detect handwriting or letters with the help of machine learning algorithm tools. Its interference is quite fast and can easily analyse the looks, and the process looks much more comfortable. 

  • Many social media platforms use it to identify people through face detection services.
  • Governments are using these apps to identify and find culprits
  • Airports are used to verify passengers authenticity and reliability.

3. Strong Navigation Prediction

Commuters need a strong GPS service to navigate while searching for specific scenarios. Machine learning can be considered as the best possible solution as it comes with great GPS services that help commuters to avoid any kind of hustle and assist them in reaching the destination. ML analyses the traffic through the server and builds a map accordingly. These apps save commuters time and money and even smoothen their journey.

  • Check Traffic Updates
  • Shortcuts routes
  • Can trust in the navigation process
  • Calculate Time of arrivals

4. Smart Assistant

Using Smart Assistants in our everyday lives is making our lives much easier. These smart assistants like Siri, Alexa Bixby and other assistants are fulfilling our everyday routines from setting up alarms to updating the user with the latest news. The user can look for the queries, give orders and even send a command; all these orders will be successfully taken by these assistants and make human lives more interesting and memorable. 

  • Computer speech recognition
  • Automatic speech recognition
  • Voice-based queries

5. Cyber Security

Machine Learning offers possible guidance in combating monetary fraud online, thus making cyberspace a secure place for transactions and net banking. Apps such as GPay, Paytm have a set of tools to help them keep track of transactions and differentiate between legitimate and illegitimate transactions, thus preventing any false transactions.

  • Detecting a crime before it happens
  • Notice suspicious activity
  • Predict any mishap
  • Deep Analysis and Inspection

6. Boost E-commerce Accuracy

Companies may gather accurate information in a more organized way, using machine learning algorithms. Artificial Intelligence is widening its research and development boundaries through the advancement of technological advances. Through changing the lifestyle of their consumers, most major companies use an innovative approach to enhance their user experience.

7. AI in the Camera 

AI in the camera: AI is already on camera and making the most high-end smartphones. ML algorithms assist in determining whether a panorama or a person is being snapped – and to adjust the kind of filtering used to deliver the finest outcomes. AI will assist you in finding the correct lens according to the conditions of the light.

Wrap Up

Artificial Intelligence is expanding its technology boundaries and knowledge limits. Most of the leading companies are using an innovative method to enhance their user experience by improving their lifestyle.


  • Nitin Garg

    CEO & Co-Founder at BR Softech

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