Best friend: nurturing and preserving friendship

How do you recognize true friendship? Where is the line between girlfriend and best friend? What is passionate friendship? How to explain jealousy in friendship?

Friendship with a capital A. The real one. The one we interview with people we consider our family. In the same way that love transports us, friendship makes us feel alive, amuses us or makes us sad when things go wrong. Friendship can be fused, explosive and sometimes even exclusive. It is specific to those who live it. Since no two love stories are the same, no two friendships are the same. 

The importance of the best friend

 If we cannot compare two friendships, we still tend to classify our friends. In the first position is the best friend. The one to whom we tell all our stories, love affairs, hopes and setbacks, the one who knows us by heart and whom we know by heart, the one we are never afraid to disturb and the one who never disturbs us. This best friend, we have generally known her for many years and we tend to take her opinions as gospel words.

It is also enough that she does not really like our brand new guy to suddenly find Jules a little less interesting than before… In short, the best friend is sacred! So much so that in this type of relationship, we can sometimes make jealousy and friendship rhyme… “Are you going on vacation with your colleague? Why didn’t you offer me?!”. If friendship does not normally include the notion of exclusivity, there is a special and unique bond between two best friends. 

From friendship… to love friendship 

In terms of male-female friendship, there are two schools. Those who claim that girl-boy friendship is simply impossible (due to inevitable sexual tension). And those for whom having a friend of the opposite sex is very natural. Friendship between men and women is an eternal debate that does not seem to bring anyone together. 

However, even if you believe strongly in girl-boy friendship, you cannot deny the fact that sometimes a simple friendship can turn into love. We tend to believe that love is like love at first sight: sudden and unexpected! However, it is possible to change your outlook on your friends and, over time, see a new eye on this friend who has never been paid too much attention. The love friendship has also inspired many Hollywood filmmakers. 30 years if not nothing, Valentine’s Day, Sex Friends, Sex between friends or One day all tell us the story of a love friendship, a friendship that has become love.

Best friend: seeks friendship with a capital A

Friendship is an integral part of our life. From our early childhood to our old age, our life is punctuated by our loves and our friendships. After a move, a breakup or an argument, sometimes you lose your circle of friends. A heartache represents a real test. Witness the number of friendly dating sites that have exploded in recent years. Services like SOS Amitié are also very active in relieving and helping people who feel alone.