“There’s something wrong…I’ve just had a baby but I don’t feel happy! I know this sounds crazy but I just don’t feel like me anymore!”

It was in that moment Hannah realised Jordanna was suffering with Post Natal Depression (PND). Jordanna was such a fun, bubbly person to be around and this wasn’t her ‘normal’ self. She was looking at Hannah holding back the tears. Her eyes all watery and her bottom lip began to tremble as she opened up about her feelings and how she hadn’t told anyone. She had little energy, wasn’t sleeping much and had trouble concentrating. There were times when she feared that something awful would happen to the baby and she just wanted to hide away from the world, shutting off from everyone.

“I feel stupid. I’ve got this beautiful baby in front of me and of course I love her but I just don’t feel like I should be doing as a new mum”.

There was nothing abnormal about Jordanna’s pregnancy and nothing from her labour that was standing out, yet these feelings and concerns were rooted so deep Jordanna was afraid of opening up incase she was told she was an unfit mother. 

This was far from the truth. 

Around 1 in 10 women suffer with PND within a year of giving birth and believe it or not the rise of fathers/partners being affected by it is on the rise too. 

Hannah was a recently qualified Movement Psychotherapist and had been working on a Psychiatric ward and Bereavement Centre. She was aware of multiple conditions and these feelings weren’t going to go away without help and  handed over a number of a Therapist she had worked with previously. 

“I know having therapy is scary! Nobody wants to admit there is something wrong. Talking to a stranger might feel strange but if you can feel just a little bit better than you already do…it’s worth it isn’t it?”

Hannah knew what it was like to be on both sides of the coin. She had recently spent two years in therapy where she realised her ‘perfect’ world was far from that. In her early 20’s Hannah was told within 12 months of each other, both parents had cancer. The emotional impact of being a young woman having to deal with the fear of grief sent her into a spiral of panic and anxiety. She was afraid of leaving her parents side incase something happened to them and automatically felt abandonment issues. It came to light she struggled with ‘fitting in’ friendship groups and became introverted which was not her usual self. After attracting damaging relationships she really lost her self worth and sense of purpose. Having therapy gave her the second chance to accept childhood experiences and move forward positively with her life…be it 24 months later and even to this day still has ‘mindset maintenance’ sessions. 

Jordanna began attending therapy and gradually started to feel better to the point she was able to adapt the techniques she was taught and become the mother she knew she was….incredible.

Hannah became her daughter’s godmother and Jordanna’s Maid of honour in 2019.

“It was the Best day of my life”

Going through life without ever receiving Mental Health support from a therapist or a life coach is like never seeing a Doctor for a physical problem. People will get medical help for a broken bone or illness but when it comes to our brain not performing at full health we shy away. Why?

Is it because of the NHS waiting list?

Is it the cost of private therapy which could be £60-£100+ per hour?

Is it the fear of being seen?

Is it the pressures of employers?

Is it the global stigma around being mentally unwell?

Is it because they can’t drive or fit it around their lifestyle?

This is why Hannah and Jordanna spent lockdown creating an Online, affordable and accessible platform for Life Coaching and Therapy. 

Get Real Company was designed to deliver a minimum of 1 session a month by professionals of multiple therapy disciplines using an online platform. The individuals have the choice of being anonymous throughout and can ask questions to aid their journey. The platform also offers a Therapy & Life Coaching Journal compromising of self-help activities, copious amounts of information to help individuals through their time of need and access to the Get Real Community Lounge which is where individuals can support one another too. And much much more…

For as little as £22 becoming a member can definitely be the start of a life changing journey to self-belief, dignity, confidence and purpose. 

They have also offered a FREE give away via the website for ‘7 Steps to Rule Your Mind’ and have created a FREE Facebook Group for anyone to access ‘Get Real Mental Health Therapy Information Group’.

We love supporting any Mental Health organisations and think this is going to be a game changer. 

Go to Www.Getrealcompany.co.uk for more info.