Lisa created the ‘perfect life’, with the most perfect husband, garden, car but she missed the cracks in the foundation. When the house of cards came tumbling down her drinking got worse and she spent more time than she could have ever imagined at kitchen parties.

Her best friend Alex thought her drinking would never get as bad as her parents but the longing to always get the next holiday, house and baby lead her to drink more than ever.

On this episode of the Lisa Inside Addiction podcast, I had the pleasure of speaking with best friends Alex and Lisa from the Sober Experiment.

Lisa Inside Addiction Podcast

Alex said that if she were to give some advice to the version of herself stuck in the madness of drinking. She would have told herself that just because you have a bad day it does not mean you have a bad life. You can recognise that a few bad things have happened and that does not make it a bad life. You don’t need to let things build up and you can develop resilience and learn to cope.

Lisa on the other hand spoke about putting on on masks and pretending everything would be alright. She thought that she had to cover up her feelings and drink, although we all know that just makes things worse. 

They both agreed that where we go wrong is by thinking we are meant to be happy all the time and we don’t take time to just feel. Lisa said that now in her recovery she is able to watch her emotions rather than reacting or drinking because of them. 

When getting sober Lisa said that mindset played a big role for her. She was focused on all the good things about sobriety like waking up with a clear head. She also went to meditation classes which gave her time to switch off from life and do something just for her.  Alex on the other hand read lots of fact-based books and enjoys running. 

They both did a challenge Lisa did a 100-day challenge and Alex did 30 days. They both found these quit drinking challenges really helped them build the momentum to stay sober. 

I had an amazing conversation with Alex and Lisa, their energy and bubbly nature they brought to the podcast was very refreshing. They were both bouncing off each other and a true inspiration. 

So please go and listen or watch the episode where we discuss everything above and a lot more. 

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