Acquiring knowledge or skills by studying, practice or being taught is called learning. It’s the ability of humans and animals to learn things by different means. Storage of knowledge is termed as memory. The ability to learn things and store them as short term or long term memory varies among humans. Some people have greater abilities to learn things quickly whereas others learn slow. A person can learn throughout his life but the skill to learn is at its peak at an early age. Here we’ll discuss some simple techniques that will help you in improving your child’s memory and the beneficial effect of educational videos in the learning process of your child.

Mental health

Firstly we know that for efficient learning the mental status of your child should be healthy. As a sound mind needs a sound body, the physical health should be taken care of. A healthy diet and exercise help in the soundness of mind and improve the learning capability.

Picture memory

Using different techniques to help your child learn is almost always useful. Visualization is the best tool among these techniques. The ability of children to memorize things by creating a picture memory is far greater than just reading the book. Therefore making a way for creaking a sketch of things to learn helps in better learning. Moreover, this way the storage of information is in the form of long term memory.

Teaching and other techniques

Asking your child to teach you what he/she learned is another good way of active memorization. Teaching someone clears one’s own concepts and help in better learning.

A set of techniques is there that will help your child in improving learning ability. This includes the use of pneumonic, highlighting the important things, dividing information into smaller bites, revising the course for 2 or 3 times and etc. All these help in-memory storage and quick learning. Also choosing the proper time to make your child study is important. For example, learning is highly enhanced in the morning time and lesser at night. Proper sleeping is another main decider of good learning. 7-8 hours of sleep is necessary for children for the growth of mind and thus learning skills.

Extracurricular activities

Extracurricular activities are necessary for a good mind. The division of time for studying and playing is important. This division helps in the development of interest in learning. Educational and non-educational trips are also healthy for better learning. These activities are necessary for freshness and soundness of mind.

Reward and punishment

The use of positive and negative reinforcement is a good way to make someone learn. Children especially have a greater intensity for reward and punishment. Therefore rewarding your child when he shows good progress motivates him and small punishments for lack of interest are also helpful in some cases.

Educational videos and their importance

As mentioned earlier that visualization is a very effective way to make your child learn better therefore educational videos aid greatly in this regard. Educational videos are made in accordance with the student’s interests. The use of better ways for quick understanding is the best part.

Educational videos comprise of both visual and auditory techniques and multisensory learning is highly recommended for long term memory. Educational videos also help in developing learning abilities for example children who learn through educational videos are active listeners and they understand things quickly and for the long term than others.

Another great benefit of these videos is their easier availability. They are only one click away and also available everywhere like you can watch these videos in your bed. Also remarkable is the fact that these videos can be watched over and over again. You can pause them any time and rewind or forward it to the better parts. All of these features of educational videos make learning easy and effective.

Students themselves observe better understanding and processing of information through educational videos. Also, the professors of behavioral sciences highly recommend this way of learning. Due to its vast effectiveness, multimedia for providing these educational videos is gaining importance in schools and colleges all over the world. This is because educational videos are a blend of a number of learning techniques that help your child in the learning process. Therefore due to its wide range of positive effects, you should use educational videos for improving the learning ability of your child.