The Future of Fundraising by Paul D’Alessandro

Paul D’Alessandro has raised over $1 billion dollars during his life and has met with over 4,000 donors. With more than 30 years of experience, he’s become one of the most profound fundraisings thought leaders and experts. This book will help you gain insight and forward-thinking toward success. D’Alessandro helps readers take a deep dive and discover the importance of being familiar with donor-advised funds, social impact investing, and blockchain philanthropy.

Philanthropy Revolution by Lisa Greer and Larissa Kostoff

Written from a donor’s perspective, Lisa Greer highlights charitable giving as a businesswoman and philanthropist. She touches base on how outdated the charity sector has become and the risks that can lead to its downfall. Greer shares the latest charity research along with tons of interviews from donors and nonprofit professionals. If you are interested in giving or need tips on raising money for charity, this is the book for you. Not only does Greer show readers how to give while saving, but she also highlights how it can lead to success. 

Family Philanthropy Navigator by Peter Vogel, Etienne Eichenberger, Malgorzata Kurak

Philanthropy is constantly changing and transforming the way people can help make an impact. Many families have been looking for ways to give in a meaningful and impactful way. The Family Philanthropy Navigator offers readers a step-by-step guide for anyone new to philanthropy or seeking new ways to enhance their family’s efforts. You will get a better understanding of how important it is to have philanthropy as a central role in your family ecosystem. If you’re looking for navigation, then this is the book for you!

Your Leadership Moment by Eric R. Martin

While reading this book, you will find your potential as a leader. Eric R. Martin believes that everyone has the potential for a leadership moment. Some people might not recognize a leadership moment if it came their way, which is why this book can help you. Your Leadership Moment brings leadership to life for the advanced leadership practitioners and the novices. No matter who you are, you can change the world by being a leader.