One of science’s most challenging dilemmas is an inquiry that can be expressed effectively as: Where does consciousness originate from?
In our standard perspective on things, consciousness exists merely in the cerebrums of profoundly evolved humans, and henceforth consciousness exists just in a small portion of the Universe. However, Billy Carson, the consciousness expert, TV Host, philanthropist, and visionary, has the contrary belief. He believes that consciousness pervades the Universe and is an essential component of it.

To create awareness about the universal mind, Billy Carson created, providing viewers a once in a blue moon chance to explore reality more than ever. The network works to uncover a profound comprehension of numerical codes that brought forth the Universe. With this network, you are spoilt for choice with stunning programs on yoga and meditation, all intended to make you fully aware of the genuine divine nature of your spirit. Without a doubt, is a true connotation of enlightenment through entertainment.

“However, this belief doesn’t imply that actually everything is conscious. The vital concept is that the real world’s basic constituents—maybe electrons and quarks—have unimaginably basic types of understanding. Also, the exceptionally intricate experience of our cerebrum is, by one way or another, taken from the experience of the mind’s most basic parts,” says Billy Carson.

Despite incredible progress in our scientific comprehension of the mind, we actually don’t have even the beginnings of a clarification of how complex electrochemical signaling is somehow capable of mounting the internal emotional Universe of hues, sounds, scents, and tastes that every one of us distinguishes in our own way. “There is a profound mystery in comprehending how what we think about ourselves from within fits along with what science enlightens us regarding the matter from an external perspective,” says Billy Carson.

Billy Carson reveals that there is a solitary, shrewd Consciousness that overrides the whole Universe – the Universal Mind. It is all-knowing, all ground-breaking, all innovative, and consistently present. As it is available anywhere simultaneously, it follows that it should likewise be present in you – that it is you. “Your brain is essential for the one Universal Mind. This isn’t just a philosophical prototype passed down to us through the ages. It is an exact, precise, and logical truth. Know it, trust it, apply it and you will see your life transform in extraordinary manners,” he says.

Albert Einstein told us way before that “everything is energy”; that “a human being is a part of the whole called by us [the] Universe.” “Einstein words reverberated the most ancient spiritual and philosophical lessons and still support the present bleeding-edge scientific disclosures to represent the universal mind,” says Billy Carson.

The idea of the Universal Mind is Omniscience (all-knowing), Omnipotence (all-powerful), Omnificence (all innovative), and Omnipresence (consistently present). “Human needs to realize that this all is also is your spirit. You have access to all information, known and obscure; you have access to a boundless force for which nothing is incomprehensible; you have access to the boundless creativity of the One Creator. Every one of these properties is available inside you consistently in their potential structure,” says Billy Carson. “It is through the intensity of your psyche mind and your higher self that you can figure out how to adjust yourself to the Omnipotence, Omniscience, and Omnificence of the Universal Mind consistently,” he adds.

Billy Carson explains that each one of us in this world is the manifestation of this single Universal Consciousness. There is significant truth in the ancient teaching that we are each of the One. We are entirely associated – not exclusively to one another but to the entirety of Nature and everything in the Universe. This is the Law of One. What you do to other people, you do to yourself. The manner in which you treat Nature, you, in reality, treat yourself. The separateness you “see” is a deception of the personality ego. The real idea of the truth is non-dualistic, implying that while things may seem solitary, they are not autonomous.

In essence, you can make your optimal reality since you are as of now associated with all that you need. “Nothing and nobody is isolated from you. You can encounter satisfaction, true love, impeccable health, bounty, riches, and whatever else you plan. You should simply carry yourself into vibrational harmony with the nature of that which you need to experience through the creative intensity of your contemplations. In short, to turn into the master of your destiny, you must master your thoughts,” says Billy Carson.