One of the greatest things we can do is give back to our communities. Volunteering can allow us to make connections with others that otherwise would not happen. It’s good for the community and it’s good for the volunteer as well. So if you’re looking for some inspiration to get out there and serve your community, here are some of the best TED Talks under ten minutes on community service and volunteering that are sure to spur you into action!

Meredith Dragon
Meredith Dragon discusses volunteering and the creation of optimism in ourselves and others. She delineates the impacts of volunteering for both the recipients and those that give their most precious gift of time. 

Jaime Parker
Jaime Parker defines service as “connecting your passion to someone else’s need.” Service should be something we enjoy. She discusses how we shouldn’t participate in volunteer activities that make us miserable. It does a disservice to the idea of service. She encourages individuals to find the thing they’re passionate about and connect it to another’s needs. 

Jonathan Lopes
Jonathan Lopes makes the case for community service as an art form. It’s all about the ripple effect we can have on others.

Katie Amin
Katie Amin shares her own journey to find herself. Amin became one of the few Arab-American, Muslim female firefighters in the country. She feels that when people see her volunteering they feel more comfortable stepping outside of their labels of comfort to do the same. 

Montawan  Chairatchaneeboon
Montawan Chairatchaneeboon talks about the benefits of community service and what young people can learn about themselves through volunteering. 

Joyce Bertram
Joyce Bertram discusses why people volunteer and shares about her experiences participating in Nowhere. Nowhere is a group of volunteers who annually build a settlement in the desert, live there for a few weeks, and then tear it back down, leaving no trace. She encourages people to start their own volunteer projects and share their experience.

Eric Cooper
Eric Cooper talks about the life and health benefits of volunteering. A number of research studies support the idea that those who volunteer experience better mental and physical health and live longer. 

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