Navigating the busy schedule of law school is a necessary feat in any future lawyer’s career. Oftentimes, a student’s inability to juggle all that law school has to throw at them is a clear sign that they are not cut out for a career in law. However, even the most diligent students might find themselves growing exhausted at certain points. Read below to discover some of the best ways to avoid burnout in law school.

Become Organized

Many times, being disorganized prevents you from feeling on top of your assignments. Organization almost goes hand-in-hand with time management since you quite literally have to organize your time to meet deadlines. One of the best ways to do so is to outline your assignments in a planner, detailing which sections of assignments you will work on each day. You might also want to consider setting up a routine for yourself. Perhaps you’ll commit to studying for 45 minutes each day, an hour to an assignment each day, and so on. Sticking to this routine, as well as to the micro-deadlines you set in place, will help minimize the likelihood of you becoming burnt out.

Find Something Within Law That You Enjoy

The chances are that if you are in law school, then you most likely have a set passion for the field. However, this does not mean that you will be passionate about every single area you are studying. In many cases, law students will come to find they enjoy certain aspects of the law. When you discover this area for yourself, you should use it to help combat the side effects of burnout that you may be feeling as a result of work you are unpassionate about. Especially when it comes time to choose internships, make sure you are applying for those within the area of law you hope to practice.

Spend Time With Friends

As important as it is to focus on your studies, you need to take breaks in order to renew yourself. Spending time with friends is a proven way to avoid burnout while in law school. Your friends will know exactly what it takes to distract your mind for a little while and give you an outlet to relieve stress. It is important to have friends that will encourage you in your studies but also be there for you when you need to unwind. Nobody will understand you better than your fellow classmates, but it can also be beneficial to spend time with friends outside of law school.