stay motivated during depression

Anyone can be in a state of depression or anxiety for any kind of situation but remain motivated all the time is the identity of a real fighter. We understand that even a small thing is difficult to solve easily or it is difficult to consider minimum work during the zodiac. But with the help of your powerful thoughts and will power you can easily overcome depression or anxiety.

Your first step to fight with depression should be to bust depression myths. You shouldn’t get rid of your problems, you should try to face and resolve your problems. From this step, you will surely start feeling motivated.

And still, if you are not feeling so much inspired to overcome your hard times, and then below 6 ways will surely help you to fight situations of depression or anxiety

1. We should avoid habit of over thinking


When we think, overthink about our problems, it creates a disturbance in our mind. For example, if there is any specific idea in mind. Then you start associating that particular idea with the other things happening in your life, which will definitely create another issue and will become a mountain very soon.

If that particular idea was negative, then your mind will create so many doubts and will put you in fear.

What should you do in this situation?

 When you stuck in such a situation and have recognized it, just divert your mind listening to your favorite songs, talk to your best friend or go for a walk with your loved one. Things that improve your mood can certainly help you to come out from negative thoughts.

2. Gratitude about the things you have, and enjoy your present


Often, we stuck in thoughts about the future and feel regret about things that happened in the past. Even you start thinking about what you are doing now? It may happen that you will be drinking a cup of coffee right now or your children are fooling around you.

Have you ever considered thinking of nothing, but start enjoying what you are doing right now or what you have now?

What to do in this situation?

Overthinking about anything will not allow you to enjoy the things that you have right now. Play and enjoy with your children or loved ones. Meditation is one of the best ways to fight this kind of situation or take deep breathing. At this point, you can also enjoy by looking at trees around you, snow falling, or birds chirping.

3. Keep yourself busy by doing things you like to do


When we don’t have much work to do, we lay down on our best and spend time with our phone and start overthinking. Now think, what are you doing to keep you motivated.

What to do in this situation?

You should go for some exercise; you can join the gym for better results. You can hang out with your best friends, you can play with your children. If you will keep you busy doing something will give you confidence. And confidence will lead to your success.

4. Build your expertise in one niche

Focus is the golden rule for anyone’s success. If there is any distraction in your mind, which will lead to depression or anxiety. And if you are not able to focus on your goal, you will not feel confident and again it will cause depression.

What to do in this situation?

We also understand that focusing on a specific task is very difficult. But constantly practicing for focusing will surely build your habit of self-focusing. And self-focus is the key to success.

5. Start Praising Yourself

Praising yourself will surely build your confidence; this is strongly recommended by us. Start saying yourself “You’re beautiful”! And if you complete any task, start saying “Well done, I have done it”.

6. Spend some time with movies and books

This is truly said that books are our best friends. Inspirational books and motivational movies are the best ways to overcome depression and anxiety. Inspiring stories in books and movies help us to fight with our depressed circumstances.