Beth Debouvre

Public health safety is getting challenging in 2020 because of the novel coronavirus spread. Most people anticipated that things would improve after the global lockdown. There was an improvement, but it seems that the unlock phase is again catapulting the infection rate and deaths. The economy has to run, and people have to carry on with their work. Hence, it’s essential to maintain safety protocols, get high on the immunity boosters, and count on any wellness method that keeps you safe from the virus or fall ill in general.

Beth Ann Debouvre shares useful tactics

People need to adopt a holistic wellness regime to stay safe and fit. Keeping this in mind, Beth Debouvre, a wellness enthusiast, has suggested a few guidelines:

  1. Masks and sanitizers gain priority

Right now, the target is to stop or not get affected by community transmission. And for that, it is necessary more than ever to wear masks in public. It’s best to avoid public transport and gatherings. If you work at a retail store, bank, organization, and you need to attend office, make diligent use of the mask and the sanitizer whenever you think you need to.

  • Count on the immunity boosters

Scientists and medical experts are calling the COVID-19 pandemic phase, a war for immunity. People need to boost their immune systems by eating right and exercising daily. When it comes to immunity boosters, count on the herbal potions, or add a generous amount of thyme, basil, rosemary, parsley, ginger, garlic, and the like to your food. Increase your vegetable and fruit intake. And it is a smart decision not to order food online right now. Home-cooked food is the best deal. 

Additionally, it’s essential to add exercise to your chart as well. Since morning or evening walks are considered slightly dangerous, start practicing yoga or Pilates at home. Daily 30 minutes of exercise is a decent way to up your immunity.

  • Sanitize your office weekly

If you have to be a part of your office, make sure that you sanitize it entirely by a professional service provider weekly. Also, sanitize the office before and after the staff and members enter and leave, respectively. Keep hand sanitizers and masks in abundance. Keep a temperature checking device so that you can assess people’s temperature before they enter the office.

  • Keep your home and office clean

Presently, there’s considerable debate about whether COVID-19 has become airborne or not. However, the air contains several other viruses other than the novel coronavirus. Hence, it makes sense to clean the surfaces of your laptops, mobile phones, electronic devices, tables, chairs, and the like. Staying safe from other viruses and bacteria is also crucial to increase your immunity.

  • Avoid sugar and meditate

Consuming less sugar helps the body to heal better. Hence, it’s advised that people should lower their sugar intake now for a better immune system. Also, meditation is an excellent way to retain calm and hopeful during this testing time. Daily ten minutes meditation is an excellent way to stay well.

Wellness regimes vary from one person to the other. However, when you follow the guidelines mentioned above, you can walk your way to wellness and wellbeing during this pandemic phase.