Now more than ever, the public is responsible for acting as the gatekeepers holding brands accountable not only to their communities but for their ethics and integrity. But more access to information does not make this an easy task, making any overwhelmed individual wonder, “where’s the corporate responsibility?” 

Honing in on the importance of businesses giving back, Barry Barbee is a man on a mission who founded a community-conscious brand with an aim to “change and save lives every day.” Modeled after his personal philosophy and out of personal tragedy grew Auto Wranglers, a one-of-a-kind brand with a heart geared at transforming the way people approach the car selling process.

As a veteran of the U.S. Army and father of two boys, Barbee’s journey has been anything but a smooth one. Taking residence at the Ronald McDonald House after losing his beloved wife to cancer shortly following the birth of their premature son in the neonatal unit, Barry found himself experiencing financial devastation and on the verge of losing everything. 

Barry has had to overcome extreme personal challenges, including the loss of his wife and mother of his two sons. In this video, you will learn more about how his background in the military, coping with grief, and passion for striving to be the best and giving back, has solidified not only who he is, but the company that AutoWranglers is evolving to be– one of true impact and purpose.

After taking a look around, Barbee realized what was really important in life, mainly being the best father to his boys and giving back to the community that supported him in his time of need. Barry witnessed firsthand just how priceless providing the “gift of transportation” can be to someone who needs it most.

Harnessing his grit and passion for community and improving lives, Barry founded Auto Wranglers: an innovative brand seeking to reinvent cash for cars transactions forever while simultaneously prioritizing the redistribution of benefits to the community.

As the Director at Large of the National Auto Body Council, Barry has spearheaded a program that has donated over twenty-five hundred cars to veterans and community members in need.

If that was not enough, Barry also prioritizes donating vehicles (over six-thousand to date) to first responders’ extrication training programs to ensure that those first at the scene of vehicular involved accidents save lives both safely and most efficiently.

“By selling or donating your car through our program, you are supporting these efforts.”

Streamlining the process of selling one’s car, Barbee discovered the long-awaited solution to “selling a car [which inevitably] comes with a very unique subset of issues.”

“[People selling their vehicles] likely need to get the car picked up very quickly and do not have time to go to dealerships or post endless classified ads.”

Identifying the missing components within the auto-selling industry has been key to pushing Barry to both constantly and consistently improving both his business as well as bettering his community. 

By holding himself accountable to the standards he has set for himself within his own experiences and rise to success, he undoubtedly will be inspiring others across industries to follow his example.

To follow Barry along his journey and learn more about Auto Wranglers, click here.


  • Nadya Rousseau

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