A specialist doctor blew a surprise when he revealed that using a mobile phone right before bedtime leads to many health problems, most notably obesity, weight gain, insulin disorders and diabetes in the body. Specialist Dr. Daniel Seeger appeared in a video tape broadcast by the global “Business Insider” website explaining the dangers of using cell phones and tablets on the bed before bed, a habit that most people suffer from every day, as Seeger points out that this habit is closer to “toxins” that enter the body.

The specialist explains the risks by saying that the screen of the phone or tablet produces tiny light rays called “photons”, and this light penetrates the eye, and this in turn sends a message to the brain that the time for sleep has not come yet. Come on, so the person stays awake or awake longer.

The doctor concludes by saying that only 5% of people with this habit stay away from its negative effects, or what he calls “its toxins,” while the rest lead to disturbances in sleep, and lead to disturbances in the distribution of insulin in the body. The body, which leads the person to feel hungry and overeating, thus gaining weight and being exposed to more serious diseases at a later time.

He indicates that feeling tired as a result of staying up at night makes a person feel hungry and resort to eating, while the body does not burn calories that come from excess food as a result of lack of movement, which leads to the aggravation of obesity and weight gain.

‘Golden tip’
And the doctor concludes by advising all people to close all screens at home at least an hour before bed, whether the screen of a mobile phone, tablet, traditional computer or even television, in order to ensure normal sleep and not to be exposed to light. And radiation that sends the wrong messages to the brain.

It is noteworthy that smart phones have become an integral part of human life around the world, as the latest statistical report issued by the (IDC) company specialized in monitoring the mobile phone market stated that technology companies in the world were sold during the past year. 2015 More than 1.4 billion smartphones. Nearly 10% more sales than the previous year, 2014, by which time every person in the universe owns a smartphone.