Javon Everett, also known as Visionz2turnt, was born in Washington DC and started writing poetry in elementary school. Later on, he would go on to discover the art of freestyle rapping which in turn helped him start building a name for himself early on. However, Javon’s love for music goes beyond just freestyle rap.

Javon was a middle child of five and he was the oldest male in his household. Throughout his life, he would learn that music kept him going and pushing through the struggles he endured while growing up. After the loss of his oldest sister, Javon moved to Henderson, North Carolina to finish high school where popular rap artist Bigmoshawty discovered him and put him in a studio to professionally record his music.

For the first time in his life, Javon was professionally recording songs and witnessing how his songs can impact his fans from all over the world. He began sharing his music on social media and started gaining more and more followers as his music career went on. As he began to work on several albums that have accumulated thousands of fans from all over the world, Javon’s talent began to grow and his music started becoming the stories of his life, family, and friends.

Despite his spell in the United States Army and his interest in Urban Street Design Automotive, he has never lost focus on his inner burning desire to create music. His music serves as timestamps in Javon’s life and also serve as a vision behind the mind and journey of Visionz2turnt. He is lyrically versatile with the ability to not only freestyle, but also write.

Javon embodies all of the core aspects that a true artist must have. For him, music is not just a hobby, but it is a way of life; it is a way to tell your story in hopes that someone listening might relate. Javon has proved that Visions2turnt is an artist to watch out for in this day and age.