Just because some thought in the head says “I want to eat” after you already did—doesn’t mean you have to do what it says.

Who is The Decider?

You are an adult now. Of course you take suggestions under consideration, but then you are, or should be, the decider of what’s true and right and best for you.

Exercising more, eating less and better, are popular New Year’s Resolutions. And people really are onto something here because everything is connected to everything else.

When I ask my clients what one thing they think will most affect everything else in their lives, they very often say “my health,” even more often than “love” or “work” or “money” because they get how much their health and well-being can affect all of those.

Now in my own case, I want you to know that we are talking about 3 pounds, the same 3 pounds that showed up in the resolutions from 2019, 2018…just like 64% of resolution makers who keep showing up with the same resolutions year after year. The same 3 pounds that capture my attention every day too.

The reasons for this are well known and obvious to me, and probably not that interesting and important to you.

What Can We Do?

What I do believe is more important to you is that, when the same something keeps showing up year after year and day after day, there is something we can do to make the obsessive thing leave us alone.

How about if, every time the unhelpful thought occurs, we simply remind it and ourselves that it is not the boss of us.

It is no more than an irrational eruption of the mind that, in many cases, has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with food.

I am doing this as we speak. Would love it if you try it too, and let us know in the comments below what happened for you.

And if you don’t already have it, grab the “Power Breathing” exercise on “Complimentary Exercises” pulldown at madelaineweiss.com This should help!

Love to all,