Compassion and loving-kindness are the most important traits we can have, according to well-known artist Vin Bogart. As a singer, songwriter, producer, Bogart has carved a name for himself in a niche market he calls “Genre Free Spiritual Music.”

Raised in Los Angeles, in the heart of the booming film and music industry, Vin Bogart began to shoot music videos for major local chart-topping artists such as Ty Dolla Sign and Crooked I. After immersing himself in the entertainment world, Bogart stepped back and went behind the scenes to develop a unique musical style in order to create an outlet for spiritually driven music.

After producing and songwriting for other artists for a few years, Billboard 100 music artist Vin Bogart ventured off and began to release his own original projects. Aptly titling his first EP “Soul,” Bogart combined various genres, ranging from electronic, soul, blues, and hip-hop to create songs touching upon spiritual topics like selfless love and the true value of seeking material things.

For his recent projects, Bogart combines even more genres such as acoustic folk and country, combining it with trap and hip-hop while crooning about spiritual topics such as egoless love in tracks like “For Love,” “Only Way Out” and “Ego Gone.” Embracing the modern era of genre freedom, Bogart uses the music to drive the spiritual anthems, lacing transcendent meaning to awaken the listener.

His fans responded by making his tracks viral hits, bringing Bogarts unique sound to millions of people. Although facing an uphill battle in an industry lavished with tracks encouraging meaningless momentary endeavors, the singer-songwriter producer has stated that if necessary, he will carve a new section out for genreless spiritual anthems driven by meaningful music rather than paint-by-numbers tracks.

As an inspirational figure for many people, the magnetic Bogart has set his sights on an upcoming tour combining his music with meaningful performances encouraging togetherness. He is currently wrapping up his upcoming album, featuring many chart-topping artists, and has set his eyes on starting the tour next year.