Tomeka Purcell is a Money Mindset Coach who presents solutions for difficult life and financial concepts to young children and adults. After 2 bankruptcies, 4 foreclosures and 2 repossessions, Purcell trains others on how to achieve personal and professional financial goals, especially during the pandemic. After going through personal struggles sleeping in her Grand AM and not being able to feed her own children, she became passionate about helping others successfully deal with their money, especially during life transitions. Her handbook,  Why Pay Cash? Credit is Better is carefully crafted to break the negative mindsets associated with using credit and tackles challenging topics such as home purchases, proper budgeting and investing, children and financial literacy as well as the black dollar. Being personally uneducated and ill-equipped about finances, Tomeka was inspired to help individuals/families establish financial goals, build wealth and change the way they think about money. Tomeka was taught to believe love of money was the root of all evil, so she lived in mental scarcity. After shifting her mindset to see the world through the lens of abundance, she catapulted herself into a realm of stability. Her children’s book series is based on the ambitious young Morgan, an African American girl with an unquenchable desire to accumulate wealth. 

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More about Tomeka

As an educator, entrepreneur, and financial coach, Tomeka Lynch Purcell is the quintessential triple-threat. She specializes in helping women establish financial goals, build wealth, and change the way they think about money. A nationally recognized financial empowerment coach, mentor, speaker and strategic planner with over 15 years experience, Tomeka trains individual and collective clients on how to achieve personal and professional financial goals. Utilizing her extensive background in financial planning, corporate finance, and real estate, Tomeka founded Credit Solutions Services, a credit and finance management firm, where she teaches women financial stability and wealth that encourages personal and financial assertiveness and evolution. Her varied experiences have made her deeply aware of how frustrated and vulnerable many people feel about dealing with their money, especially after major life transitions such as divorce, job changes, or a death in the family. Using this as a driving force, Tomeka shares practical solutions that allow clients and attendees to up-level their finances and learn efficient & scalable credit management skills, which in many cases increases income and helps build towards a secure financial future. Her passion in educating and teaching women is exemplified in her intensives and workshops she facilitates at various organizations, businesses and events throughout the Greater Charlotte area. In 2016, Tomeka launched her Amazon bestselling book, “Why Pay Cash? Credit Is Better.” In this book, she challenges the antiquated mindset that millions of people have about the use of credit and how millennial spending can change that. Her latest effort, “The Ingredients To Better Credit”, takes an even deeper look at credit management solutions, providing a realtalk approach to building and repairing problematic credit. Tomeka brings her warmth and wit to every engagement, as she believes that humor reduces people’s resistance to change. She counts it a privilege to watch others experience a sense of freedom and confidence in their ability to not only make money, but make THEIR money matter.