The before story

“I am going to be happy after this!” was the long-stagnant excuse that kept me waiting to experience this marvelous soul-feeding feeling. I literally was stuck. I used to wait for “the perfect time” or for the “perfect scenario” to feel and enjoy the happiness I needed in my life. I used to rely on circumstances and events to make me feel whole and complete. I have never thought about if I can take control of how I feel and stop being dependent on things. I had no idea about the existence of the calm inner peace that was born within me. All in all, I can say that I had no clear vision about the exact things which triggered my happiness.

The wake-up call

It was this Saturday afternoon, I was on my laptop, you know, navigating the usual, in which I suddenly came across to this motivation speech by Tony Robbins. I remember watching it with amusement and excitement. It stained the rebirth of my social media experience. It somehow questioned my sight and perspective towards my usage. so I took advantage of this incident as a change agent towards my personal development. This was the best thing that ever happened to me. It made me rethink. Recheck my path. It was then I realized that the path I was wasn’t getting me the results I wanted and the life I aim. it is then I decided to make a change. to simply be happy with me. I realized that taking things or waiting for great things to happen to me was leading me to nothing but depression!

The bittersweet change

I think we can all agree on one thing.  Change is painful. Especially when it’s a positive one! Our brain tricks us! It makes the change that we are about to make sound negatively unpredictable and that in turn makes us feel insecure and unmotivated! As a result of that one 45-minute video I watched, I started working on my self little by little, step by step. It felt great. I found a whole different, brand new me. I felt good. This good feeling lasted. It lasted quite long. it was then I understood what true long-lasting happiness is and where it comes from. It was within me all along. True happiness doesn’t come from outside. It exists in the mind. The breakthrough that helped me overcome the obstacles of fractured happiness is the time I came to navigate and explore the nature of the subconscious mind. We carry this powerful being everywhere and yet trying to find a reason to smile about it. I was tricked. We were all tricked. Because the key to unlocking our kingdom was there all along!

Final thoughts

Guys waiting kills almost everything except for some. That’s a fact we can all agree. We all should learn how to cope up with things in our lives by isolating our happiness from the outcome of those things. I know it is a very hard thing to do. But I am a witness to its fruit. Just try to maintain your surrounding peaceful state regardless of what you are going through. The more you depend on circumstances and folding events the lesser you are happy, the more you relay on situations the lesser you are happy. Let us all try to have an unbreakable and undisrupted independent relationship to our mind and take the first and the last leap to our happiness.