Due to rapid growth within the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, the desire for greater efficiency is at an all time high.

Blockchange Digital Assets, a Silicon Valley based company, aims to provide customers with a simplified, yet powerful investing experience. “There are close to 150 million user accounts on crypto exchanges around the globe today…most people have more than one”, says CEO Daniel Eyre, “We really saw this as an opportunity to provide retail investors with the tools we wished we had a couple of years ago in the space.”

Within the next 6 years, the global cryptocurrency market capitalization is expected to grow well beyond the current $121 billion at time of writing. “The crazy thing is big moves happen in crypto around the clock and overnight. Without the right tools to react, you’re stuck trying to log into these different exchanges and place trades that might not get filled. Not to mention most of the time it’s not as simple as a one-to-one trade.”

Eyre has spent the better part of the last two years working with his team of software engineers and developers to bring a better solution to market. Their mission is to eliminate fragmentation within the cryptocurrency and digital assets space.

The Blockchange Platform presents users with “a unified interface for multi-asset trades, asset index creation & adoption, and portfolio management & analysis”. According to Eyre, the team focused on speed efficiency and simplicity of use while still enabling retail investors to leverage the freedom of multiple exchange accounts. “The opportunity for arbitrage across exchanges is still pretty relevant, which is why we built the platform to always find the best possible price for our customers. Unfortunately, most of the tools available today are pretty complicated and require some real learning to use.”

The Blockchange team is in it for the long haul. Eyre and his cofounder, Daniel Rothrock see beyond the current market for digital currency and protocol tokens to a world where digital securities are the status quo. “At some point, pretty much every cap table will be issued on a distributed ledger of some sort. It’s just a matter of time before existing technologies can support this transformation.”

To learn more and access updates on Blockchange, visit https://blockchange.ai/