Ambition. Initiative. Achievement. The world is often urging us and reinforcing us to pursue our goals, and I for one love to feel like I am taking responsibility and action to obtain results. However, I frequently see a struggle with focusing the effort on the target rather than on the actual expression of creativity or services that the results become a natural reflection of.

If we hold a vision of what we are building, manifesting it is then a balance between effort and surrender, action and receiving. To me, obtaining what we want is less about pursuit and more about what we are making, how we are helping, and who we are being. We use the vision as a guide to see if our moment to moment choices are aligned with the direction we intend to grow towards, but our greatest responsibility is to ourselves first — h0w we are expanding our own awareness and how we can improve the quality of what we are putting out into the world. When we are healthy, when we are beaming, when we are happy, when we take care of ourselves and leave traces of positive energy everywhere we go, constructive people and situations are naturally attracted to us. Bloom, and the bees will come.

Engage all of your senses and imagination in dreaming of what you desire, but don’t get attached to what the outcome looks like and don’t require that outcome for your happiness.

Longing is a great source of motivation and puts passion and power behind our intention. There’s no need to eliminate longing, but think of using it to create more than to pursue.

Combine what you most enjoy doing with your natural talents and share it with the world without worrying about the response.

Fear of vulnerability and visibility is a natural part of the process of leadership. The importance of our work goes far deeper than the reviews we get or the number of likes on social media. When what we are putting out is coming from our highest self, we may not even be aware of the magnitude of our reach and how many people we are influencing.

Be willing to change.

We create our own surroundings and experiences with our thoughts and actions. To change the quality of our relationships and increase abundance in our lives, we must always change ourselves first. As we transform, our interests, activities and lifestyle may shift. We find ourselves in circles we were never exposed to before as we continue to participate in others that we wish to keep. Some people we care about won’t understand or resonate with what we’re now into. We can navigate this shift with mindfulness, remaining unreactive when necessary, being grateful for the unconditional love that is always present and protecting ourselves from judgment by maintaining adequate boundaries and privacy.

Actively quiet the voices of envy and comparison.

No one has the exact precious alchemy of what you have to offer. See others doing similar work as your community, not your threats. Resist lowering your self worth by chasing. Be clear and available with an open heart and watch the opportunities come.

Begin and end your day with a ritual that uplifts your mindset.

Give yourself an extra 15 minutes in the morning for your own personal practice to ease into your day feeling refreshed, centered and pumped up. Then take time at night to decompress, ground yourself, release any toxic energies that don’t belong to you and soothe your body and mind before going to bed.

Surrender, surrender, surrender.

Surrender to timing, surrender to the unknown, surrender to space. It is the emptiness, the void, that is necessary to attract what is in our highest good to help us with our soul’s purpose. For now, fill it with YOU.

Sometimes, doing the right thing is the hard thing. As we listen more and more to our intuition, the universe rewards us with beautiful demonstrations of synchronicity. Trust yourself, and know that we are constantly being guided and protected as we develop our consciousness and share our gifts, talents and abilities with the world.

Originally published at on March 8, 2017.

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