Mental Health Near Water

Over 60% of our bodies is water. The fact that more than 60% of our brain is also water, makes perfect sense that people are naturally drawn to water. Spending time near a body of water comes with an array of mental health benefits, including de-stressing, improving relaxation, offering a feeling of wellness and peace. Surrounding yourself with a b8ody of water, such as a lake, the sea or a river, offers so-called ‘health by stealth’ – enjoying the outdoors, interacting with the physical environment – and that in itself offers a myriad of health benefits.

De-stress by the water

One of the biggest benefits of spending time nearby or living by the sea is that it puts you in a meditative state. You don’t necessarily have to be in the water to feel its de-stressing properties. Just sit by the water and observe the crashing waters splash against the shore. Even if they’re still, you will feel fully calm and at ease. You don’t have to physically be in the water in order to immerse yourself in it. As long as you’re nearby, watching, listening and smelling its soothing scents, you’ll be present in that moment and forget about all the worries in the world. Just a half an hour by the sea will recharge you and offer all the energy you need to tackle another hectic week. 

Mental Health Near Water

Get a serotonin rush during swimming

Swimming, like every other form of exercise, cause endorphin and serotonin release. These happy hormones act as natural analgetic making us feel much better after spending time in the water. You’ll get a sense of well-being, happiness and positivity all at once, making your entire day much better than before a swimming session. Swimming often will offer you a regular dose of happy hormones, which will, in return, create a much better response to pain in your brain. Alongside that, you’ll clear your mind and forget about all the worries because you’ll have to focus on your breathing and swimming motions. Furthermore, as you swim, you’re engaging almost all of the senses, including sight, sound, touch and smell. The feeling of water moving over our body will imitate the feeling of a massage, so you’ll also be able to release pent-up tension during your swimming session.

Boating improves relaxation

Have you ever thought about boating therapy to improve relaxation? Does a wind in your hair mixing with the refreshing aromas of the sea salt make you want to hop on a boat instantly and feel fully relaxed? If it does, then you should immediately look into high-performance rigid inflatable boats for sale and go for an unforgettable boating adventure. Sailing through the clear blue waters with nothing but the sounds of crashing waves against your boat and the smell of crystalline blue seas will allow you to unwind and let your mind wander. You’ll be completely in tune with the water with no worries on the horizon. Your mind will finally get the ever-needed break. 

Mental Health Near Water

Improve sensory awareness while sailing

When you are sailing, surfing, or swimming you’re more connected to the outdoors than ever. Having to understand the motion of the wind, the movement of the water, and all the other factors allows you to concentrate on what you’re doing at that exact moment. You have to be present and understand the needs of the current environment. Manoeuvring the sails and other important parts of the boat will improve your sensory skills and make you feel like you’re a part of the group. If you choose to go on a sailing tour, you can have the chance to spend time on the water as you interact with like-minded individuals. All of that can also lower your anxiety, stress and depression, allowing you to clear your mind and feel good about another day.

A feeling of wellness and peace with blue mind

Listening to the sound of flowing water can be incredibly calming. Just looking at the sea or ocean and listening to the sound of water can induce a flood of wellness-promoting neurochemicals. Those same neurochemicals are responsible for increasing the blood flow to the brain and heart, which results in relaxation and a feeling of peace. That’s when you reach the state of so-called Blue mind in which you’re de-stressed and at ease with yourself and your thoughts. Boating can help you reset your brain and restore it, allowing you to reconnect with nature and yourself. On top of that, it boasts creativity because it’s awe-inspiring.

Mental Health Near Water

Final thoughts

Spending time next to a body of water can be very beneficial to one’s mental health. Just listening and watching the cascading waterfalls or the crashing sea waves can significantly reduce stress levels and put you in a more mindful mental state. Whether you decide to swim, sit on the beach or sail, you’ll inevitably feel more relaxed and in tune with the outdoors. As a result, your brain will reset, and you’ll have enough energy to tackle any problem that comes your way.