BobbyJayTv, as he is commonly known, is an entrepreneur in America with African roots. Bob Jacobs is his real name. Working in several industries, including music, fitness, and content creation has not only mentored many people but also proved to many that determination and sacrifice are key. He strives to be the hardest worker in everything he puts his hands on. 

He is inspired by Elon Musk, who also has some African roots and works in several industries successfully. In this article, we caught up with BobbyJayTv, who shared some of his tips for avoiding stress, burnout, and success. 

Being Optimistic

BobbyJayTv mentions that he is kept moving even during the hardest time by remaining optimistic and having a positive attitude. In the beginning, everything seems not to work for him but through his attitude, he persisted and waited for everything to return to control. 

Avoiding stress

BobbyJayTv loves workouts. Whenever he is bored by anything, you’ll find him doing workouts. This makes him check his diet as well. He says that sleeping is also an important exercise for all people. 

Success habits

Apart from waking early, BobbyJayTv says, “If you want to be successful, you’ve got to develop the discipline not to let anything take your focus off the important things that will get results.” 

BobbyJayTv concludes by advising the startups to start with something they love doing. They cannot get bored, unlike something that they don’t like doing.