body image fix

Don’t like how you look?

Most people don’t. With the prevalence of tasty and cheap fast-food, it’s easy to get sloppy.

It’s easy to pack a ton of weight. And that leads to a messy body-image that brings us insecurity.

But don’t worry. If you want to fix your body-image, then keep reading. Because today, we’ll show you how.

We’ll give you 4 effective lifestyle changes that’ll make you feel better about yourself.

Check them all out, and get started!

#1 – Hit the Gym.

Let’s start with a simple fact – affirmations don’t work.

You can fool yourself as much as you like about how you look. But in the end, there’s reality you’ll face every day.

And that is, you’re not in-shape. And you’re not as fit as you can potentially be.

So the best (and most effective way) to fix your body image is through hitting the gym.

Not only will that help you lose weight. But you can also tone your body, thus having something to be proud of!

Tip: Don’t Start Off Alone.

If you’re new to the realm of eating well and working out, then getting a mentor helps.

(For a good model on what to look for – check out personal trainer Singapore at Genesis Gym).

Personal trainers can evaluate your condition, giving you solutions that are unique to your circumstances.

That is, you won’t get a generalist fix. Instead, you’ll get a plan tailored to your tolerances, fitness level, and genetics!

But on the topic of starting off alone…

#2 – Get a Support Circle.

For most, a personal trainer is enough for a support circle. But some need to take it a step further.

They need psychological support from people they trust for a better body-image fix.

We recommend finding friends on a similar journey to yours. Look for individuals trying to improve their body-image.

You can take the time to help each other out. And you can use that to turn fitness into a new hobby!

How So?

Do note, fitness isn’t something you do at the gym. It isn’t just a treadmill run or lifting some weights.

It extends beyond that. You can organize fun fitness activities like hiking, running races, or even team sports!

You can make your body-image fix fun. And you can develop hobbies that last a lifetime and contribute to a better physique!

#3 – Archive Your Journey.

You want to remember your victories for years to come – especially when fixing a less than optimal body.

So we recommend keeping a diary. Take before and after photos, and slowly create a timeline of transformation.

Keep your records organized, and use them to inspire yourself!

Records Give You Perspective.

As time goes on, that archive will show you just how far you’ve gone towards fixing yourself.

It reminds you that your journey wasn’t easy, and that what you did was heroic. It gives you a genuine sense of pride and self-love.

Not to mention, you can use those archives for mentorship. You can use them to inspire others too!

You can use your successes to show others that it’s possible to fix their body-image and love themselves long-term!

And speaking of that…

#4 – Find a Meaningful Goal.

Try to attach fixing your body-image to a higher cause.

That is, don’t fix your body just for fleeting self-love. After all, those emotions don’t last for a long time.

Instead, make your fitness goal a “social journey.” Fix your body image to give others inspiration and hope.

Or, you can fix your body-image for the sake of experimentation. You can do it to show others the results of your work!

The point is, a grand goal makes the long journey worthwhile. And it’ll help you maintain a healthy body (and self-image) for the long-term!