Feel bad about your looks?

Don’t worry. Most people are in the same boat.

It’s hard finding someone with a stable self-image. Usually, it takes years of effort to build one…

You see – a stable image isn’t easy to maintain.

It’s just like getting fit. It’s tough and consistent work. Only difference is, you’re training a mental muscle.

Affirmations Don’t Work.

They’re temporary coping mechanisms. But they do collapse fast…

So you need something that works. You need mindset hacks that sustainably improve your self-image.

We’ll help you with that. Below are 5 tips to apply. Read the list, and adopt it into your lifestyle!

#1 – Where’s the Concrete Proof?

You should base your body-image on evidence.

If you’re not fit, no trick in the world can boost your self-esteem.

You’ll always compare yourself to the more fit. And that’ll make you sulk more.

But also, you might develop jealousy problems. You can end up envious over not being a fit person

That’s not a path we recommend. It’s dangerous for your mental health. And it makes you bitter most of the time.

Over the long-run, it damages your life, and your relationships.

So What Do I Do?

Learn to be enough.

You don’t need a super model’s looks. Nor do you need a bodybuilder’s physique…

Stay fit, and stay healthy. Eat as much as your body needs. And always keep yourself in a healthy weight range.

In essence, adopt the “Gold Mean.”

Speaking of that…

#2 – Focus on Stability, Not Positivity.

Don’t try too hard to build an immaculate body-image.

Because in truth, that’s impossible. There’ll always be something wrong …

There’s always something to be insecure about.

For Example.

One person might have a hot body. But, they might have insecurities about their nose or lips…

Another might have a beautiful face, but may hate their body proportions.

A 3rd type may have insecurities about being too short. A 4th type may think their skin is too flabby.

The examples are endless. There’s always an error to obsess over…

There Will Always Be Imperfections.

And that’s fine. You should come to peace with that.

It’s a part of developing a stable self-image. Because now, you’re basing your self-image human reality!

But If I Can’t Be Perfect – Why Fix Anything?

Good question.

We think you should focus on fixing the “big mishaps” in your body-image.

For example, if you’re obese, get down to a normal weight range. Or, if your skin is sagging too much, get plastic surgery.

Basically, fix the conspicuous problems. And that’ll be our next tip!

#3 – Try Plastic Surgery.

There’s no shame in it – especially if you can’t solve your problems using traditional methods.


Maybe you’re losing weight, but still have cellulite issues.

That would be the stubborn fat that hardly burns off, even with a long and intense diet…

Now, your problem may be genetic. And here, there’s no harm in seeking a liposuction, or a Cryoskin body service.

Use Plastic Surgery as a Fix.

But don’t use it to remodel yourself.

Basically, don’t submit to stereotypes. Don’t downplay your looks for something “socially acceptable.”

You can’t build a body-image using social acceptance. That way, you make yourself vulnerable to every opinion.

Useless comments start to matter. And speaking of those…

#4 – Develop a Thick Skin.

Words come and go. So why obsess over them?

Instead, what you should do is put opinions into perspective…

Ask yourself – are the critiques you’re getting helping or harming you?

Is there a practical benefit you gain from “Person X’s” comment, or “Person Y’s” opinion?

If not, then ignore. That way, you better preserve your self-image.


This doesn’t mean you should stay around toxic people.

Some people (in your inner circle) have a pattern of putting you down. They do it to raise their own sense of self-worth…

That is – they feel insecure, and they want you insecure too.

We recommend cutting those people from your life. It’s an important step-forward for your inner peace…

That way, you save your emotional energy for something that matters!

#5 – Make Your Body-Image “A Piece in a Puzzle.”

Speaking of what matters – put your self-image in bigger context.

Give it a mission. But make it a mission that benefits you, and benefits others too!

That way, you turn your insecurities into inspiration. You affirm to yourself that humans make mistakes…

You remind yourself that being perfect is impossible. But getting “better” is a possibility.


How about getting into a sport?

Maybe you can train for a charity marathon? You’ll be so focused on performance, you’ll forget about your body shape!

Yet, your body gets fit – due to how demanding a marathon is.

Or how about getting into self-defense? That’s a good workout that gets you in shape too…

But, you can use it to protect yourself. And you can pass that knowledge onto other “vulnerable people” too!