Gabriel Comfort better known by her stage name Bonni3. Gabriel is a bright young woman who has grown up in Virginia her whole life. Gabriel has always been an exceptional basketball player in school. She was so good that D1 colleges such as Virginia Tech, VCU, Richmond and other schools were interested in her talents even after going through a horrific ATV accident almost causing her to lose her entire left eye. After her accident she was left with Open Globe and a Detached Retina and had to go under immediate surgery at the University Of Virginia in Charlottesville.

She was a hair away from losing her central vision. She was blessed. Considering as a young child she had a chain go through her head from a go kart incident which almost ended in an early death at the age of 8. She seems to have a guardian angel watching over her. Gabriel continued to play basketball after a year of recovery and went off to college to play for a former WNBA/Olympic gold medalist player Vicky Bullet.

Gabriel’s passion for basketball started drifting away after her first 2 semesters in college and internal issues within the coaching staff. One random day she started to freestyle with her fellow college friends and was told she was really good. She took that and ran with it. Music gave her the happiness basketball wasn’t providing anymore. Gabriel left school to pursue her musical endeavors. She is smart and very business savvy.

She knew making money with music did not come easy so Gabriel supported her passion for music by creating her brand “Christian Nicole Promotions” and started her entrepreneurial hustle. Gabriel started reselling and flipping services in 2013 and has since become a name that many artists and small brands know of. She is what some call the music industry’s plug. Bonni3 has not just established herself as an artist, but an amazing business woman and feisty female entrepreneur. Gabriel even wrote her own e-book “Christian Nicole Promotions-Creating A Brand” in 2020.

Her tenacity is highly motivating and her brush with death has done nothing, but motivate her. COVID-19 has impacted a ton of small brands and definitely musicians. Bonni3 is one of them. This pandemic has actually helped her. She has boosted her sales, brand awareness and overall growth. She states “This pandemic will either make or break you and its going to help make me.” Since this pandemic Bonni3 has overcome business goals while getting over COVID herself in the process. Even when it gets hard and almost impossible those are the times she really shows her character and overall determination.