You very well may be the boss, but the reality is that without your team of employees supporting your goals, your business would not be where it is today. Sure, they get a salary and benefits to do the jobs that they do, but they could have chosen any company offering a paycheck. Your employees made the conscious decision to put their skills and talents to work for you. 

Many successful businesses are aware of these facts. That’s why they invest so much into making sure that their employees are happy. They spend time, money, and energy, to incorporate practices such as those described below to boost the spirits of their workforce which, in turn, boosts morale and productivity. 

Get to Know Them

Your employees are more than just workers – they’re humans. They have lives and interests outside of the office. The most effective leaders keep this in the forefront of their minds and do what they can to get to know their team on a more personal level. Talking with them about their families, acknowledging special occasions in their lives, and even supporting their hobbies or out-of-office interests lets your staff know that you care about more than just what they can do for you. 

Acknowledge Their Efforts

It doesn’t take long before some employees start to feel taken for granted. They come to work every day despite what’s going on in their lives to help you reach your goals, but get nothing much in return. Sometimes, a little acknowledgment can go a long way in making your employees happy. They have tools for business that can help make this a lot easier. For example, a team management tool that tracks time and sales makes it easier for business owners to see who is going above and beyond for the cause. You can then pull them to the side and let them know how much you appreciate what they’re doing. 

Offer Flexible Hours

No matter what your position is you know that trying to balance your work with your personal life is an everyday struggle. This is especially true for employees who work high-stress positions and have very little ability to alter their schedules. You can put a smile on their faces by making flexible working hours a benefit they can take advantage of. Vary your shifts so that employees who can’t commit to a 8-4 schedule might be able to work 10-6. Allow employees to work longer hours 4 days a week and take the 5th day off. You can also invest in technology and business tools that would allow your team to work remotely. This allows them to plan their personal lives around their jobs more efficiently. 

Career Development Opportunities

While there are some people who land a position and want to work in that same position until they retire, most employees start working with a company with the hopes of reaching higher positions in the future. Show your employees that you care about their professional progression by offering career development opportunities. Sit with them and find out what their professional goals are and even assist them in creating a career plan. Then, assist them in reaching those goals by sending them to training, networking events, and offering them tuition assistance for higher education courses. If their goals align with positions you have available within your company, you can even promote from within to help them satisfy their dreams. 

Create a Fun and Comfortable Workspace

To truly keep your employees happy, one must also consider the environment in which they work. It’s kind of hard to keep a positive attitude about things when you have uncomfortable chairs, old desks, outdated technology, and no space to gather your thoughts, take a break, or socialize. You can turn things around by creating a fun and comfortable workspace. Liven things up by changing the wall colors to something that evokes happiness and creativity, open up the work stations so that employees can socialize and collaborate more effectively, update office furniture and technology so that they can complete their jobs, and even designate an area where employees can reflect, recharge, or relax. 

At the end of the day, no matter how great your products and services are, it is your team that gets you to the top. Knowing this, good business leaders invest more time, money, and energy into keeping their team happy. By making changes such as those discussed above, you will notice a happier workforce and improved productivity.