Summer is naturally a happy time. Schedules seem to always include more fun activities than normal. The extra daylight and warm temperatures naturally will lift your mood. Not everyone has an easy time getting into the summer spirit though. If you find yourself needing an extra dose of joy this summer there are plenty of ways you can try to amp up your glee this season. Check these different options out and see what might help you take your happiness to a new level this summer.

Add Some Magic

They call the different Disney parks the happiest place on earth for a reason. It’s always a fun idea to throw in some magic into your summer. It’s easy to find Disneyland discount tickets so you can take some family and friends and enjoy a couple of days being a kid again. It’s impossible not to smile while enjoying the sights and sounds of the parks. After riding a few rides and eating all the best Disney snacks you will be adding a huge dose of happiness to your summer. At the same time, you will be making memories to last a lifetime with those that you love.

Throw a Party

Summer parties are the best. It seems like all the best childhood memories revolve around fun gatherings that took place in the summer. Barbeques with hot dogs, hamburgers, and enough watermelon to feed an army are always a great idea. Host a big summer event and invite your favorite friends and family. Break out the lawn games and have teams compete to see who is the ultimate champion. If you have access to a pool you could even turn it into a pool party. Ending the night with s’mores around a bonfire will really cap off a great party.

Get Plenty of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is actually quite effective at boosting your moods. One of the best ways to get a great dose of it is to spend some time in the sun. The summer heat isn’t everyone’s favorite, but there are ways to keep yourself cool while still catching some rays. Do an activity that you enjoy in the morning or late afternoon sun when it might not be so hot. Use a damp towel to cool your skin or a nice misting fan to give you an extra dose of coolness. If you love the sun, then just do your best to schedule plenty of sunbathing. Just be safe and use your sunscreen while you enjoy it.

Change Your Schedule

Summer is always a great time to change up your daily routine. You can often get in a rut doing the same things at the same time, in the same way, most of the year. Summer is an excuse to mix it up, and a change of routine might be just what the doctor ordered to add some happiness. If you are an early riser, give yourself a pass to sleep in a few days a week. Or if you find yourself always going to bed at 10 pm, try to stay up late gazing at the stars a couple of nights a week with a loved one or friend. Another idea is to take a random afternoon off to have lunch with a friend. Breaking routines makes life interesting and fun, and that will certainly have positive effects on your mindset.

Escape to the Water

Putting yourself near a large body of water is actually extremely beneficial to your happiness. Whether you can make your way to a lake, a river, or an ocean, being near water positively affects your mind and your health. Summer is the perfect time to head to your favorite body of water and let the natural effects of coastal living boost your happiness.

The next time you feel the summer blues coming on, try one of these ideas to turn things around. Amping up your happiness will always have positive effects for you and also bring some joy to those around you. Everyone deserves more happiness this summer and year round.