You open LinkedIn for the first time in a few days, only to see dozens of spammy offer messages from people you’ve never met before.

Ugh. You’re so annoyed that you hardly have the heart to answer them, but give them the simple “No, thanks” auto-reply to keep them from reaching out again.

That’s the nature of LinkedIn these days, and it can be quite frustrating.

Since we’re in the business of cold outreach, we knew we needed a way to stick out from the countless other people reaching out to our target prospects.

What we came up with seems silly, but it converts like gangbusters.

Here are the 3 things you can do right away to boost your LinkedIn outreach efforts:

  1. A casual connection request message that acts as a pattern interruptor

With everyone’s inboxes being flooded with the same “Hi John Smith, saw we have some mutual connections. Would love to connect.”, people have become numb to these messages, and there’s a good chance your request is ignored or outright denied.

To avoid being lost in translation here, we’ve come up with several unique outreach messages that immediately catch someone’s eye, and pique their interest enough to accept our request.

A quick example:

“Bartender, make it a double for (firstname)!

Ah, I wish we were interacting in person but I guess LinkedIn will have to do for now until the world re-opens.

Would love to connect!


Rather than seeing the typical “Hey, (firstname), someone viewing their requests will be thrown off by seeing “Bartender make it…” in the message preview and will be much more inclined to view and accept our request.

  1. Using Hyperise to add personalized images to our messages

Hyperise is an excellent tool to help you stand out in your outreach. The software lets you add personalized images to your messaging, and this will help you stand out immediately to prospects when they’re going through their inbox.

After someone accepts our request, we follow up with a simple “Thanks for connecting!” paired with an image of our sales partner toasting them.

Best of all, the image auto-fills the prospects’ first name so it looks like we personally wrote them a note captioned on the picture.

  1. A simple, low-friction CTA

Rather than inundating prospects with countless offer pitches and long messages, we like to keep it simple and conversational.

LinkedIn is a social media platform, after all…

Since our offer is filling our clients’ calendars with qualified sales calls on autopilot, we pitch our services like this:

“Let me show you how we’ve helped our clients drown in qualified sales calls each month. (firstname), are you free for a quick call next Tuesday?”

To add some personal touch we can even add a Hyperise image of our sales partner or someone in a pool to complement the theme of the message.

In our follow ups, we add a simple, “Looks like Tuesday is booked. How about next Thursday, (firstname)?”

No pressure to the prospect, no pushy offer pitch, no same-ole boring messaging they see countless times every day.

If you’re interested in learning more about Omnichannel Cold Outreach and how we can help you on a Pay-Per-Call basis, feel free to visit our website:


  • Christian Bonnier

    Thrive Global Campus Editor-at-Large from SUNY Binghamton

    I am a freshman at Binghamton University studying Accounting in the School of Management. I also co-host the Real Talk University Podcast where my friend Andre and I interview entrepreneurs to provide insight and advice to our college-aged target audience.