If you’re someone who’s in a relationship a breakup is the last thing you would want to think about. If you’ve recently just broken up you’re in emotional turmoil and know that the breakup pain isn’t emotional, but physical too.

If you’re single and have been for some time, chances are you hate men because of your experience and are closed to love entirely. If this isn’t the case either, you’re probably single but happy to live somewhat of a drama-free life so welcome to the club!

Most women want ways to make their way back to their lover; others want to move on as soon as possible. Despite your circumstances, what’s known is that there is trauma that ensues after a split regardless of who pulled the strings in your particular case. Studies suggest that a breakup can put immense mental pressure and anxiety on an individual, even more so than an accident or a death of a loved one.

Whilst a large percentage of women know that splitting up is going to send them crying under the covers for days, little is said about the effects a breakup can have on a woman’s body and most importantly, her menstruation cycle.

Women’s brains go through more activity than the opposite gender. This is due to the fact that the brain constantly needs to produce some sort of hormone to keep the cycle in its flow (an example of homeostasis, if you will). Estrogen, Progesterone and FSH are just a few of the hormones produced by the brain in order to keep the flow going.

Period Mess and the Power of Stress

There are some times in our lives that are unplanned and take us largely by surprise. This causes our body to become sensitive to such traumas and directly affects our health in a negative way. The menstrual cycle is no different. During stressful times, the female body is prone to digestive issues, and abdominal pain but on a more serious note: missing periods.

  • Amenorrhea: This is the medical term for when you miss a period. However, missing a day is not what we are talking about here. Missing a period means missing an entire cycle of menstruation, which, is a serious as it is. An even bigger red flag is when you miss multiple periods or have a nonexistent- irregular cycle. This is a very big indication of the fact that you may have trouble conceiving children and should see your gynecologist/OB-GYN immediately.

  • Suppressed Hypothalamus: Whilst many do not directly know the relationship between stress and the monthly turn of events, it is certain that enough agony from your life (especially a hard breakup) can suppress the region of the brain that controls the regulatory of the reproductive hormones responsible for your cycle. The hypothalamus’s activity is largely reduced due to the increased level of stress hormones being produced by the brain. Consequentially, leading to irregular or missing periods.

Cleaning up the Mess: Getting the Flow Right

Although no one can entirely eradicate stress from their lives, it is still important for them to take certain measures to reduce stress to an extent. Whilst going through a breakup is tough and needs to be dealt with in its own way, it is not impossible.

  • Open up: Talk to people who can confide in. This could mean close friends and family, who know your situation and can offer some advice. If you’re comfortable with talking about your issues and want a professional opinion, seek advice from a therapist.

  • Exercising it Off: Exercising and channeling your energy towards a sport or activity is also a great way to deal with stress and can take your mind off of things when you need it to.

In conclusion, your cookie dough days are about to be over!


  • Stella Hawar is a writer and a mother of an adorable boy who likes to practice yoga, cook and visit the theater. Currently she's working as a content manager for menstrual-cycle-calculator.com website.