There is no denying the positive impact that volunteer work can have, both on the volunteers and the community they’re helping. From improving mental health to providing volunteers with a sense of accomplishment, getting involved in charity work is something everyone should do at least once in their life. And there is something extra special about volunteering alongside your family.

Bradley DiNunzio is a recruitment specialist and entrepreneur located in Orlando, Florida. He worked for a large corporation for over 25 years, but recently decided that it was time to start his own business. He is the founder of DiNunzio International LLC, where he uses his talents, unique insights, and hard-earned expertise to apply the sum total of what he knows about recruiting and excelling in the direct sales business to companies across all industries. Outside of work, Mr. DiNunzio is a family man who has spent many years volunteering in his local community. Thus, he is the perfect person to provide insight into the importance of doing charity work with your family.

Quality Bonding Time

One of the great benefits of volunteering with your family is that it gives you time to bond with your partner and your children. Most of us lead busy lives and even when we have time to decompress, we usually choose to do so in front of screens. Engaging in charity work is a screen-free activity that requires all family members to be present and concentrated. Ultimately, volunteering with your family is almost guaranteed to lead to better conversations and more quality time than you’ve spent together in a while, shares Bradley DiNunzio.

Overcoming Challenges Together

Depending on the type of volunteer work you and your family choose to engage in, you may need to overcome a few challenges. For example, did you sign up to volunteer at a soup kitchen but know nothing about cooking or volunteer to help construct a house but have never built anything in your life? Then it looks like you have a challenge ahead of you! Bradley DiNunzio insists that this is actually a good thing. Not only will your family members learn a new skill and perhaps discover a secret talent or interest, but you will be forced to work as a team to overcome the challenge in front of you. Solving problems and helping each other will serve as a reminder about the importance of family and that great things can happen when families come together.

Bradley DiNunzio on Learning New Values

There is so much to gain from volunteering, including learning new values like generosity. According to Bradley DiNunzio, donating is another way of being generous, but there is simply no substitute for being generous with one’s time and energy. Putting in the work is the best way to not only help the community but improve yourself.

In addition to learning values such as generosity or teamwork, families also stand to reaffirm their trust and love in one another. Spending so much time together while doing something meaningful is an excellent way of trying to repair any problems or tension that might exist between family members. Overall, by seeing how your generosity and kindness can help those in your community, you will be more inclined to pass on these new traits to various individuals in your own life, such as your best friend, your parents, and your siblings. Bradley DiNunzio wholeheartedly believes in the positive impacts that volunteering alongside your family can have.