The worst fear of 2020 is to get marked as COVID-19 positive. Despite the increasing recovery rates, people are still fretting the pandemic infection and for valid reasons. It is because of mass deaths that the pandemic has resulted in since the time of its inception. Constant lockdowns and social distancing norms couldn’t save the lives lost that have already taken place. Also, some people have been tested COVID-19 positive and get asked to quarantine themselves at home. Constant care is essential for these people to recover and heal faster.

Essential guidelines by Brad Beman

If you need to stay quarantined at home, you are not having acute symptoms of COVID-19. You might be having a fever followed by cough and breathing issues, which is not risky. However, as you are staying at home, you must adhere to specific guidelines to ensure that you and others around you are safe and protected.

  • It is necessary to adhere to the medical protocols so that you recover fast. It can involve consuming the medicines prescribed to you and taking the medical tests essential to ensure that you are COVID-19 negative.
  • Maintain adequate distance from other family members so that they don’t get the virus. The family members must consume preventive medicine to ensure that they don’t get the virus.
  • Once you get cured, you need to spend some time at home to gain back your energy. The body will remain weak after a pandemic attack and will take time to bounce back to its old vigor completely. Your doctor will prescribe a rest time, which you need to follow to ensure you recover better.
  • According to Bradley Beman, you might have after-effects of the medicines such as skin rashes, mild headaches, breathing instabilities, and the like even when you get entirely cured. It is a signal that the body is trying to come back to its old form so that you can live the way you did before the pandemic attack. You need to consult the doctor when you find anything questionable about your health so that you get the required care or medication to bounce back to good health.
  • Once you recover from COVID-19 doesn’t mean you will never get it. It is essential to maintain social distancing protocols and ensure that you don’t go out in crowded places. Your body would indeed have developed anti-bodies to resist the pandemic, but you still need to take care so that there are no relapses.
  • There might be joint pains and aches, which is a side effect of the pandemic, and it will go off in time. You need to exercise gently and ensure that you are taking the right nutrients to up your immunity level. Eat healthy food and take the required immunity boosters that will enable you to stay fit and agile gradually.

It is necessary to give some time for your complete recovery. You need to know that you might not go out currently, but you will soon. All the ways mentioned above will help you to bounce back to health.