The “tried-and-tested” path to financial success, one that involves tedious day-to-day nine-to-five and slowly working one’s way up the corporate ladder, is one that is being seen with increasing disdain by younger generations. The notion that the economic system is rigged against them has become increasingly popular with Millennials and Gen Zs. Unemployment, student loans, excessively high property values, and other struggles experienced by these generations as they get into employment and beyond give substantial credence to these notions.

Due to these, many find themselves looking for alternative sources of revenue with which they can “beat” the economy and find financial success. Investing and entrepreneurship have become increasingly popular to these generations as a way of finding revenue beyond the limited amounts offered by their day jobs. Technological innovations, such as the various types of FinTech and emerging businesses like e-commerce, online streaming, and social media marketing, have done much to popularize these avenues to the tech-happy younger generations.

Online entrepreneur and Instagram influencer Branden Condy is a paragon of this kind of Millennial success story. From his poverty-steeped roots as a young man working various odd jobs to make ends meet for his destitute family, Branden cultivated himself into the leader of his very own online empire primarily through his work as an Instagram influencer. Branden’s modern Millennial dream saw him transform from a broke bartender into a penthouse-owning Instagram influencer in just 45 days.

Prior to his quick rise to success, however, Branden cites the difficulty of his past experiences as the main means with which he built the mindset that gave way to his accomplishments. In contrast to the typical well-off influencers found on Instagram, Branden spent much of his life in truly abject poverty and is familiar with such a lifestyle’s very real struggles. His childhood was marred by hunger and homelessness, and he continued to have to work odd jobs to survive until just before he found his big break online. For Branden, one essential takeaway from his experiences is how much of an impact perspective can have in one’s daily life. For instance, he chose to approach his past difficulties with the mindset of “What can I learn from this?” instead of “Why me?” Branden works to continue carrying such a mindset today in spite of his widespread success.

Branden admits that another significant contribution of his childhood experiences is the continuous and ever-present hunger for success and fear of failure that fuels him to this day. His past without a safety net left an indelible mark on his perspective, to see failure and success as a matter of life and death.

With the strength of his motivations, Branden has grown to become an extremely successful Instagram influencer and online entrepreneur. Today, he has more than 250,000 followers, a team of over 100 affiliates, two highly successful companies, and hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenues. Branden manages his own social media marketing company and a drop-shipping-based e-commerce business on Amazon Automation, while delivering consistent and high-quality content on his Instagram.

Branden has no plans to slow down in the future, with big goals to drastically expand his marketing and e-commerce companies while establishing his own YouTube channel, which he hopes to use to further expand his network and market. Branden Condy also uses his Instagram following to help others create a passive stream of income through their own e-commerce stores and provide courses and mentorships for his brand of entrepreneurship.

If you want to know more about Branden’s ventures or his journey, you can follow him on his Instagram, @brandencondy, or visit his website.