The digital landscape is changing, and many business entrepreneurs are seizing the opportunity to carve out a space for their brands, but many are struggling to understand exactly what it means to develop and maintain a strong brand in 2021 and are struggling to connect with their audiences and gain traction in their industry.

Business &  Speaker coach Suz Chadwick has been using her skills and strategies to help clients globally create bold and standout brands, develop their brand voice and sustainably scale their businesses for the 10+ years she’s been working in the branding & entrepreneurial space. Suz has worked with both large multinational corporations and small businesses alike to elevate their brands and authentically connect with their audiences. A regular on the speaker and conference circuit in Australia and online, Suz works as a coach and community mentor to help women in business become bold and powerful voices in their industries and build profitable businesses without the burnout.

Between the Brand Builder’s Academy for creating and scaling sustainable businesses; Amplify Mastermind providing the framework for course creators and coaches to build magnetic personal brands that do the selling for them; or the Bold Speaker’s Collective for honing your public speaking skills and teaching you how to get paid as a speaker, Suz has cultivated a wealth of resources for creative entrepreneurs to thrive in the digital space. Suz joins us today to share some insightful advice on how to set yourself apart with branding.

Define your strategies

Although these aspects all link together to make a successful brand, It’s important to keep the different threads of your strategy clearly defined and maintained. This allows you to be focused and intentional when working on the different parts of your business.
-Brand Strategy is how you position your business, create an experience and connection with your audience as well as become known in your industry.
-Business Strategy is how you plan to meet your financial and growth goals.
-Content Strategy is how you creatively share your message in different ways that attract, engage and convert your audience.
-Marketing Strategy is how you make the offer to your audience so they can buy from you. 

‘Show up’ with your content

How you present yourself online and how you utilize your presence greatly influences how your audience perceives you, and can be the deciding factor if they choose to buy into your brand. Be consistent with putting out content and utilize a mix of business and personal content. Understand and monitor your engagement and analytics so that you can measure what content works well and helps you achieve your business goals.  

Demonstrate your value by giving away some of your best content for free to entice your audience. All of these tips position you not only as an expert, but also as a relatable person that can help meet their needs. Also, don’t be afraid to include marketing content! You’re running a business at the end of the day and you should be proud of that!

Let your brand live

Business is an evolving process, not a fixed entity. Successful businesses are those that continually adapt to changes in the marketplace, the industry, the economy and the culture. They behave more like organisms than organizations; shifting, growing, dividing and combining as needed. Unlike the old corporate identity paradigm that prized uniformity and consistency, the new brand paradigm sacrifices those qualities in favour of being alive and dynamic. Let the brand live, breathe, make mistakes, be human!

Suz is super passionate about helping driven entrepreneurs to think differently about how they build bold brands and bring them to market. Her dual experience of working in both large corporate environments and with smaller personal brands grants her a unique perspective on what works in the market and how to effectively connect to different niches. If you want to elevate your brand and be bold with your online presence, connect with Suz Chadwick through her website and Instagram pages, or check out her weekly Brand Builder’s Lab podcast where she shares top tips for business branding and marketing trends.