Brandon See

You see and you know, but you do and you learn. That is what happened in the life of Brandon See. He is the owner of the brand Digiceptual which helps many brand owners to grow their sales with paid strategy and consulting. Before forming the brand Digiceptual, Brandon was a consultant with London Real. He worked there for two years before moving on to Rapid Crush where he also worked a consultant. Brandon was very particular on how to help his clients gain clarity. Soon, he realised how good he was at his job and started a brand of his own “Digiceptual”. 

Brandon knew owning a brand is going to take dedication and hardwork. It is very easy to start something but keeping it going is the key. However, nowadays just keeping it going is also not going to cut it. You have to be the best of the best. Brandon See founded the brand in November 2016. Since then the company has been run with proper planning. The main goal of the company is to help scale brands with paid ads on social media. Along with that Digiceptual also advises on how to grow your brand. 

When we say Brandon knows what he is doing, we mean it because with the help of him a luxury brand generated $1,206,979.42 from $40,899.15. This is just one example Brandon’s Digiceptual has helped many brands around the world to achieve new heights. When asked how does he do it it, Brandon said that he “listens”. He pays attention to what the client has to say. In this fast paced age, when everyone is busy to deliver, nobody really sticks to the directions provided by the client. Everyone is in a hurry to get paid. But Brandon’s clients say that he is an attentive listener. 

He listens to his clients and tries to organize the problem, and sort it out. Brandon is a great problem solver because he can get to the core of a problem and fix it as soon as possible. He knows that having your own brand means living up to the brand values. So, he listens to what the client actually wants and tries to deliver it in record time with attention to details. What makes Brandon’s Digiceptual different from the other is the “personalized” white glove approach. There are a sea of agenicies out there who focus on just growing the volume with same boring cookie cutter approach. 

But Brandon being a brand owner himself knows that every brand is unique. So, he works closely with the stakeholders of the brand. He works with them not only for the paid traffic strategy but also advises them on how the strategy can sustain the brand in a long-term basis. Brandon’s philosophy of Digiceptual is focusing on result driven marketing that is sustainable. Many brands have benefitted from Brandon See’s Digiceptual consultation. Being a brand owner taught Brandon that sudden growth over a short period is not feasible, but a steady growth over a period of time is going to scale a brand to new heights.