Owing to the pandemic, intensified competition in the digital advertising industry has made it challenging for many marketers. Some have spread their knowledge base, and others, like Brxuch, aka Brauch Owens, have increased and achieved success during this period.

Brxuch, officially known as Brauch Owens, is currently located in Atlanta, Georgia. He is an outstanding visionary with a wide variety of business expertise spanning continents such as the Middle East, North America and Europe. Brxuch has invested in a variety of businesses and has managed to grow them significantly. Having collaborated for more than 100 affiliate companies and over 1000+ clients, Brauch Owens is an outstanding visionary and market strategist. The list of some of the businesses he managed to grow is as follows: Studio Club, OSX Marketing, Pensacola Publishing, and lately his credibility management company.

Beginning Early

The social media influencer Brxuch (Brauch Owens) was exposed to industry at a very early age, beginning with the sale of pencils in middle school. When asked what makes his goods and services out of the rest of the market, Brauch responded, “We are always ahead of the brakes, we research the market, and we note the patterns as soon as they emerge.” Now with more than 3 years of business experience field, he’s making headlines and leading.

The Latest Project

Brxuch was at his greatest achievement after launching his first venture, OSX Advertising, and saw how rapidly it became a flourishing enterprise. The core principles of Brauch’s life are family, health and money. And while he’s not too busy coming up with company plans, he enjoys watching movies and traveling. His new enterprise is a luxury PR business focused on exposure and brand management. Having worked in the industry for years now and working on marketing, this has been a seamless transition.

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Seen with A$AP ROCKY, Future, backstage at concerts like Drake and Migos, Travis Scott Guest pass

Brauch Owens has an Instagram profile that you can track for more information from this young entrepreneur. We all certainly have one or two lessons to learn from Brxuch and track his path by visiting his Instagram at @brxuch or his website at brxuch.