We are distracted easily and are very good procrastinators. Hats off for doing nothing and five months of 2017 is already over. Year after year goes like this, we end up taking another New Year resolution to complete the pending tasks of 2016,2015 and 2014. (which never happens)

Identify what you want to do and stay focused. I was searching for the best app and tool for avoiding distraction.Many suggested the stayfocusd chrome extension. We are bored because we don’t keep ourselves busy nor follow the routine.

To cut all the bad things and add one good thing to my life every week, I used nothing but a notebook and pen. I write the tasks and strike them when I complete it. All my tasks are for the week and never beyond five days.

I unfollowed all the twitter accounts through crowdfire and added the top social marketers, it boosted my energy. I got motivated to write more daily and I feel easy to do things faster.

Image courtesy of Unsplash

I did the same with YouTube, I removed all channels that arent interesting anymore. Imagine you spend one hour on YouTube and end of the year that’s 365 hours. Why waste time on boring content? Take mini retirements and that will make you get creative thoughts, like the one that I am writing now.

To succeed with your new skill, you got 365 hours and one hour daily. Get inspired or interested , I kept watching the smooth cutting of cake and the glass making video and its a great stress relief to me. Get inspired everyday to be the best in what you do.

Writers need a Daily Dose of motivation to write daily. Prepare each day to relax and enjoy. Set aside time for play and work. Some simple ideas that I wrote in my notebook changed into amazing e-books. Keep a notebook and pen with you, unfollow or unfriend the time wasters and look for the best.

If you keep note of what you are doing, you build your confidence. You will certainly improve every year. In 2017, I was able to do 7 tasks in a week and now I will plan for 10. Awesome isn’t? Its balancing things and like hitting the gym, you start slowly and increase your weights. You feel happy and proud, isn’t?

The best ideas are made first in the mind, to make the idea to reality follow the simple hack, that would be carrying a notebook with you always. Value your time by taking simple notes, be organized and of course I value your time in reading my post on medium. Now take a notebook and start writing to break that one habit called “procrastination” and take action.

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