Maryann was sick of her lunch group. It was driving her crazy. The same conversations. The same complaints over and over. The humor that turned from funny to snark and then stayed there.

Lunch can make the difference in your whole day. Maryann planned her escape from the lunch group habit and decided to get outside. She planned two options based upon the day. She goes for a short walk enjoying both her movement and the different environment. Other days she sits back for a few minutes — feels the sun on her face, listen to the sounds and allow her mind to wander.

Yup, Maryann got some pushback from her usual lunch group. You know the “ hey what gives? Are you too good enough for us?” kind of thing. It’s more that Maryann has outgrown the lunch habit. She doesn’t want to get bogged down in the daily negativity.

Maryann has been outside for lunch for that past six weeks and she’s found changing this up is a great stress reliever. Even better, just like her morning shower, she’s amazed at the creative ideas she’s getting by allowing herself this brief respite outside. Ideas that she is using.

The best part is that changing up her lunch habit into a break that brings more of the outside into her life has impacted her daily outlook. She’s seeing bigger options to her challenges at work and at home.

She’s even happier and has a whole lot more energy home at the end of the day.

Maryann has made changing this lunch habit part of her personal leadership. She’s opted out of something that has dragged her down for longer than she cares to admit.

This new habit is has opened up new possibilities and she is now looking to make even bigger changes. It’s funny how a simple change can have such an impact on her life.


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