We know what we know because we have been running the same pathway many times. When we want to create change, the pathway has to change otherwise the result will be the same.

Our brain and mind learn by repetition. We do, think and are the same while we keep doing, thinking and being the same actions and thoughts. When we really want to change we need to do, think and be different. The bigger impactful change we want to create the bigger action and thought will need to happen. 

Change, really big change, is always scary, but when it comes to a choice it also is very exciting…

To me, change is unavoidable, the bigger the better. Being outside of my comfort zone has become a way of living. I have gotten used to being uncomfortable for the most part and when I am not, I start thinking; Where can I go bigger or better? Which area in my life can cause a bigger or better impact? How can I affect change in more people’s lives? These kinds of questions are always in my mind. That’s the reason I am a “Yes” kind of person.

When I think about being at service to others, which is the highest work vibration, I always go for the uneasy choice.

This kind of action prepares you not only for bigger things, but also it will set a path where bigger things will come to you organically. Better relationships, better business, better care, better networking, better…everything! That’s how it works.

When I think about the people I attract in my life it has nothing to do with the people I used to attract 5 or 10 years ago. The conversations, the quality of the time spent together, the clients, the cases, the experiences, the acquaintances… Everyone and everything is way more interesting and exciting. And it keeps getting better.

Some of us choose the organic path, things come planned and life is easy and good enough. Others spend their life chasing the unexpected path which makes it a bit more difficult sometimes. There is no wrongdoing or judgement here, all is well, it’s just a matter of personality. 

We are all designed differently, that’s the beauty of life. All of us have been born with advantages and challenges to navigate through life, the joy is knowing how to make the best of it in every moment.

We can’t compare ourselves to each other because we all are, do and think differently. Focusing on how we are, do and think to offer the best version of ourselves to others is the path we should be choosing everyday just because that will make us even better and bigger at the same time we will be getting in return the same.

Diversity of being, doing, and thinking is the wealth of this world and helping others to find their bestest version of themselves is the best job in the world!  

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