Stay fit at home

With the gyms, wellness studios, parks, and all other amusement places shut down due to the coronavirus outbreak, people, especially health freaks, are struggling to find means to stay active and fit at home.

Movements have become highly restricted, and life has become sedentary. It is reported that 66% of employees are now working from home since the COVID 19 outbreak. People are simultaneously dealing with anxiety and fear caused by the virus outbreak and constant work pressure. Sadly, it is taking a toll on health.

However, there are ways to ease stress and stay fit by staying active at home and eating healthy. Let’s look at some of the steps you can implement right away!

Perform yoga to cope with stress and anxiety 

Yoga, a popular exercise that focuses on meditation, breathing, strength, and flexibility, have lived up to its hype. 

In the US, it is said that the number of yoga practitioners increased from 9.5% to 14.3% in adults between 2012 and 2017.

A study found out that Kundalini Yoga is associated with lowering stress and cortisol. In another study, where 131 people were made to perform yoga for 10 weeks, they reported reduced stress and anxiety. It also improved their quality of life and mental health.

You can study the different types of yoga and choose one that will be beneficial for you, depending on your health condition. Or take online classes from one of the yoga channels recommended by Medical News Today.

Take breaks while working

According to some studies, sedentary behaviors are associated with heart disease, diabetes, and some cancers.

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So if you are working at your desktop from home, experts advise you to take breaks every 50 minutes or so.

During the break, you can go for a 20 minutes stroll around the house to boost your creativity or do something relaxing, like listening to music or indulge in anything but work.

Conduct cardio exercises to lose weight

Restricted movement means you are gaining extra weight, which you want to shed off. As per studies, cardio exercises that are often synonymous with aerobic exercises are great for losing weight.

Not sure where to begin? Follow the 10-minute cardio workout routine posted by the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK.

By conducting these exercises at home, not only will you be keeping your body in shape but also maintaining your cardiovascular health, immune system, and boosting your mood.

Find a room that you don’t use much and create it into a gym. Men’s Health recommends rubber flooring as they are sturdy, resilient, easy to install, water-resistant, sound-proof, and easy to maintain. Plus, rubber flooring will ensure your safety while you are conducting intensive exercises as they are non-slip.

Spend time doing fun and useful activities

A study has found out that indulging in 10 minutes of leisurely activity can lower premature death risks. So instead of logging in to your social media or worrying about the things that are going wrong, spend time doing something leisurely and useful.

If you have a garden, it can come to your rescue. For those who don’t have space at home for a garden, dancing in your living room can be fun too. Plus, it will burn out some calories and keep your body flexible. 

Eat healthily

You can remain fit and fight off the virus only if your immune system is strong. 

To stay healthy during the lockdown, a renowned fitness trainer recommends the following:

  • Consuming fewer carbs since your physical activity is lesser
  • Reducing portion size
  • Eating different kinds of lentils
  • Consuming more veggies and fruits
  • Eating food prepared at home
  • And practicing intermittent fasting.

The London Doctors Clinic advises mindful eating if you are trying to lose weight. Don’t eat your meal while watching TV. Switch off the distractions so that you are mindful of what you are putting inside your mouth. Also, slow down and chew your food thoroughly. Don’t wolf it down.

Also, drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. 

Not only will it boost your metabolism, but it will also maximize:

  • Your physical performance
  • Boost energy levels
  • And brain function

If you have the habit of taking sugar-sweetened beverages, it is time you replace it with drinking water.


Even if the lockdown is lifted, the fear of getting infected by the virus is going to force people to stay at home and shun gyms and wellness studios for a long time. 

But that doesn’t mean you can’t work on maintaining a fit and healthy body. Following the tips in this article can help you maintain both mental and physical health.

Don’t make your life sedentary though the COVID outbreak is forcing you to do just that. Your physical movement is crucial for your fitness. Make the best out of what you have and emerge fit and healthy after the pandemic.

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